1. who cares, we knew for 50 years he was a fraud. now that he is too old to testify suddenly he gets his trial. whole fifa is a fraud, and this trial is a fraud too.

  2. I mean, they´ll still never make a decent result in a mayor tournament.

  3. Frank and Charlie are married, Mac is Franks adopted son, Dennis and Dee apparently had another sibling they ate in their mothers womb...the point is, move past it.

  4. thing is Dennis has the scent of a hot redhead filled up in a bottle for circumstances like these, come the moment he loses his memory he just takes a big sniff and there he is snapping back to reality.

  5. She did rape him, so there's that. Times up!

  6. I understand some people don't like hearing criticism of earlier episodes... But try to put yourself in the gang's shoes. Imagine how much they have changed and learned over 15+ years. Of course they are going to look at things they did early on and not recognize themselves and the choices they made at the time. I think it is only natural/healthy.

  7. They were full grown adults in season 1, what, 30 fuckin years old when they started? I think its just an excuse for them, they act like they completely changed and their mother in, what, 10-15 years? Well, they lived in their LA bubble for the past decade, they are just out of touch.

  8. Sounds like a done deal. Now let Lewa go, end this whole situation, focus on next season. Covid will be back in 3-4 months, that alone´ll be more than enough to handle, Bayern really dont need to be the ones to make an example (by not letting him out of his contract) right now in the middle of a pandemic.

  9. Tbh there is no Lewandowski situation. As reported multiple times Mane isn’t a Lewandowski replacement. Also Bayerns CEO said that he has a contract and there is nothing to talk about. So unless we get a replacement Lewa won’t leave us.

  10. " he witnessed his father being a pushover who handed money to grifters, and it's because of this that Jimmy became who he is"

  11. saying "he will be fine" after being the very person who caused the harm is the epitome of arrogance. its disgusting, honestly.

  12. Good old Kim who scammed innocent people since season 1, just like Jimmy.

  13. You are right. I am a fan of the show. You like to get shit on, or?

  14. everyone who did not knew yet knows now jimmy and kim are dirt scum

  15. She obviously did not fit the show, everyone knew. But she would have never quit by her own, she would have tanked the whole show and drag everyone down with her. So i dont really have any hard feelings for Rob, i would have done the same.

  16. people asking gus why he is hanging out with criminals is simply not the story they want to tell, so they dont. that is just the style of the show. there is barely any police in bb or bcs either, unless the plot demands it.

  17. old scene, i think. aarol paul does not look like that anymore.

  18. I dont really see people calling Jimmy and Kim worse than Walter. I dont think most people are of the opinion that they are worse than Walter. I am certainly not. Howard might have bounced back from all that happened, but you cant just go round breaking peoples legs and say "oh, it will heal in 6 weeks, no biggie". That is the same shitty excuses Jimmy and Kim use, so i can see why you would defend them. Imo Jimmy and Kim are shitty, childish people and purposely hurt people for their own benefit.

  19. Howard was killed cause he literally said he was going to be a huge problem for basically forever.

  20. Since basically the whole show is about Law, i am sure Jimmy will have on last final trial in the Gene timeline, and (possibly with the help of Kim) will fight his case in court. It just makes to much sense for it not to happen.

  21. Howard literally said he was going to be a huge problem, thats why he got killed.

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