1. Your comment about Pandora's box is interesting. The two myths have real similarities. They are both misogynistic in that the person who unleashes the evil (or knowledge of evil) is a woman. It's quite possible that either story could be inspired by the other. I know some people (mostly theists) date Genesis to the 10th century BCE and Hesiod is probably accurately dated to 700BC, but I think that Genesis is an amalgamation of myths that didn't come together until around the Babylonian exile around 500 BCE. Anyway the point is that Judaism and Hellenism didn't develop completely independently, and it's quite possible the myths are syncretized to some degree.

  2. They were definitely branches of the same deity. Jove was pronounced as Yohweh. The transliteration of YHWH still sounds like Jove with extra syllables: Jehovah. See

  3. That’s like blaming the father because their kid stole out of the cookie jar. The parent makes the rules, disciplines, and enforces. The child has the choice to obey them or disobey them with consequence. Eve is no different. She had instruction and disobeyed because she was given a choice. If there was no choice then why would god have the tree in the first place?

  4. And so you should punish every generation.

  5. Why do posts from that sub keep getting cross posted here? I swear half the posts from this sub that show up on my feed are crossposted from NASAN.

  6. I think there are 2 ways to view the snake. 1, is that it is his son, the fallen angel, who wanted to corrupt what he had created by tempting them. The other way though, is that the snake simply represents temptation and isn't an actual physical snake. God gave Adam and Eve a paradise, with a single restriction, and that Temptation to have it all, cause them to be kicked out.

  7. But that doesn't answer the question. God still knew that would happen.

  8. Yes. Leaving a cookie on the counter and telling a child they can have as many brownies as they want, but not the cookie, doesn't mean you weren't able to put the cookie where the child couldn't reach it, nor does it mean you didn't already know the child would eat the cookie. It just means you gave the child the freedom to disobey, and punished them for it.

  9. That's not answering the question at all. God unleashed sin, not eve but still punished every woman to ever live.

  10. Seems like the engagement on this tweet is incredibly low. Good

  11. Speciation: Aether could have been the light created on day one, day four the sun moon and stars were created.

  12. Firmament just means Sky. Just like how Sky Father (the sun) Dyeus Phtr became Deus Pater (Heavenly Father) where heaven is just a synonym of sky.

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