1. I have vast knowledge of cocktails, if that helps? I’ve done one or two small events but I’m sure there are others here with more experience than me.

  2. Yeah for $15 I could totally see paying for a nice mixing glass / serving glass with a great mix of hard to find herbs, berries, spices. But $25 for a bog standard mason jar with company branding and dried oranges I can make in a couple hours with my oven at 200, the expired thyme I forgot about in my fridge from last month, and some rock sugar? These guys are on crack

  3. They want to think about throwing some of that crack in there too for $25

  4. My granma was preparing it with grappa, 2,5 tbs/l white sugar and a certain amount of kummel seeds but don't know exaclty the quantity :-(

  5. Grappa is an interesting base. Thank you for the input. I want to put it in a cocktail menu and therefore keep costs down and have something readily available, so I would prefer vodka as a base.

  6. Yup why risk an iWatch when a waterproof Casio does the job perfectly fine. Mine's gone 5 years strong at this point.

  7. I’ve gone through three of them, all of them are now somewhere in the Mediterranean due to the strap being poor quality

  8. Oh damn, that's a shame. But either way, I'd rather lose/replace a $10-15 watch than an $800 one lol

  9. Agree 100%. Maybe the way is to get a good strap on a shitty watch?

  10. Excuse my ignorance but how good of a surfer is he? Like I get it that he’s one of the best of all time but what is actually the gap in talent between him and a regular pro surfer? Where does that difference in ability actually show itself?

  11. I am Kelly Slater, so it’s ok for me to be agro

  12. Fuck I’m scared now. Should I bet bulls ML instead to be safe or just go with -5 spread?

  13. Does anyone here bet on the snooker? If so, is there a group to share tips etc?

  14. How do I get that? Is there any qualifying or opt in?

  15. 🔥🔥🔥 Virus POTD 🔥🔥🔥 Record 28-17-0. Units = +42.75 (LWLLW)

  16. 💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥

  17. Kingston Club is a phenomenal drink! Check it out!

  18. I’d recommend Extras by Ricky Gervais if you like Peep Show

  19. Well there’s a few reasons. First I’m gonna preface by saying I’m a Barca fan so call me deluded but

  20. Atleti and tottenham are on my never bet list so no. Too unpredictable. Let me down so many times.

  21. Ha me too. Dortmund as well. However good I think value is I don’t bet on them

  22. Hcp for any football match 1.20 is absolute joke.

  23. Go Ahead Eagles will have the weight of the entire world betting on them lmao

  24. Let’s hope they don’t check

  25. What we think of France and Portugal games Halftime/Fulltime O2.5 with Netherlands v Turkey O2.5?

  26. Netherlands v Turkey would go under 2.5

  27. Turkey only lost 2 in 14. Should play defensive and can see them holding it to a low score

  28. 14 - 6 LLWWW (Yesterday felt very unlucky, my first time taking back to back Ls)

  29. I didn’t tail but kept an eye on that, it was super unlucky. A disallowed goal to keep it 0-0 and a last minute(ish) goal for the 2-2. Shit happens.

  30. Let's hope for 2 goals from Partizn on the second match at halftime.

  31. Now we gonna have the same situation with Roma and Parma 😣

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