Depp/Heard Trial Jury Verdict Watch, Wednesday June 1

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Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows

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  1. Yes. I've been having such a hard time sleeping due to the anxiety

  2. Slept about two hours last night, going to just study until I'm tired enough to nap I guess

  3. I'm at $189/mo for unlimited in the Midwest but it gives me access to two studios! And from my free class I think only 1/3 of us signed up for unlimited (and I was planning to going in unless I didn't like it).

  4. Who else listening to the Jan 6 committee live while working?

  5. me, except I'm trying to study for the bar at the same time.

  6. Those people are wrong anyway. This Supreme Court would 100% overturn a federal law codifying the right to an abortion using the 10th Amendment. I would bet my life savings on that.

  7. I'd bet my law degree on it. We all read Shelby County v. Holder.

  8. Journals are dumb and being on the exec board was a waste of 250 hours my 3L year but they absolutely make a difference in hiring, especially if you're doing OCI at a school ranked below T14.

  9. *3rd Round Pick exercises his right to forego millions and risk career ending injury in the NCAA.

  10. This will always drive me nuts. It's a bargained-for right by the union. Players are allowed to use it. If teams don't like it, in the next CBA, they can try and negotiate it out. Fox exercised his right under the CBA and risked injury/money to do so.

  11. If you're not on hormonal birth control I'd look into either taking ibuprofen to stop it (works with Nexplanon spotting) or evening primrose pills. You could also maybe see if starting one month of hormonal bc is an option to delay it.

  12. Yeah it aligned last year around when a lot of high schools in the tri-State area are getting out which is mid-late June. I think last year it was announced at a game around June 20? But I can’t be too sure the date

  13. Yeah, NYC public schools don't let out for another two weeks, so if they do the scholarship announcement again I'd think it's around then. I Googled and some of the schools were telling their students to apply for the 2022 scholarship.

  14. Oof. Don't think that was intentional, but I'd be mad if I was a NYR fan.

  15. Agreed, but I can see needing a minute after getting bumped in the face

  16. thankfully I think her lawyers have already laid the groundwork to do so

  17. I’m studying to be a lawyer. If she loses this, I will lose my faith in the justice system

  18. literally on barbri right now for bar study and I'm so stressed. I mean crim law kind of did that anyway for me after I read Castle Rock v Gonzalez, but

  19. Oilers played a better series and game than the flames, call still sucked ass tho

  20. I think it's more than reasonable to say we should have gotten to watch Game 6, and anything could happen then.

  21. Agreed. Sure, the Flames shouldn't have blown a lead. They (and Markstrom) should have played better. But I watch a lot of baseball, and an overturned goal to send the game to OT with 4 minutes left is so much more of a turning point than a bad strike zone, for example. The Flames should have had the opportunity to lose fairly in Game 6.

  22. As a neutral, that fucking sucks for Flames fans - and I was looking forward to Game 6. Got completely jobbed.

  23. They can throw tantrums while we get to watch The Rangers vs Hurricanes for the next two weeks. In the end, we Ranger fans win.

  24. I have low expectations, and right now the worst case scenario is Skjei and Stepan, who I've always enjoyed rooting for, go onto the next round.

  25. I think he did take the UBE, but assuming whatever job he allegedly took in OK required him to be admitted to the OK bar, wouldn't he still need to transfer the admission from Arkansas?

  26. At the firm I'm going to, since I have to transfer a score, there'll be a note in my email signature that's like "only barred in X state" until it goes through. I think a lot of state bars are pretty backed up right now, I've heard nightmares about character and fitness waits from friends.

  27. What's worse is that I'm pretty sure he's bitching about Company. I saw Company's first preview with the full cast and I saw in in March 2022 with a cast of mostly understudies... and it was BETTER WITH THE UNDERSTUDIES (especially Nikki Renée Daniels over Katrina Lenk). Nepotism Baby can STFU particularly considering his dad has bought him roles on Broadway before and he knows equity's quarantining rules.

  28. Lmao this is really helpful, I want to see Company really badly but I have reservations about Lenk .

  29. Originally this revival was going to transfer from London and Anne Hathaway was going to star. Then she got pregnant. Emma Stone was asked. Then a few Broadway leading ladies turned it down (including Laura Benanti). The production was getting down to the wire when Katrina did a concert with Sondheim and he fell in love with her. I really wanted to like Lenk. I went to the first preview roaring on mushrooms (the best way to judge theatre and I'm being serious) with another industry friend. And our conclusion was that we were watching a perfect production of Company with one unfixable problem... the leading lady. Seeing Nikki was a revelation in the role. There is a reason that Katrina is the only person to ever play this role on Broadway and not be nominated for a Tony.

  30. I got to see Raúl Esparza as Bobby when I was a teenager, and I was so excited about the revival. But even Lenk doing the Tiny Desk performance kind of left me cold? So hopefully I can wait to get tickets for an off day for her!

  31. My firm direct billed for bar prep, will directly pay for travel too/from the bar and give us a per diem, and is reimbursing me for expenses (MPRE, bar fees, NYLE) in my first paycheck. But other friends are getting reimbursed, won't direct bill, so bar prep is more money up front.

  32. If she had let Obama replace her, even if nothing else changes, the Court is roughly 4.5-4.5 instead of 5.5-3.5 . (IMHO Roberts isn't strong enough to cast a deciding vote against a precedent.)

  33. Yeah, in that case I think we get Roberts writing the opinion, instead of maybe voting against to maintain what he thinks is left of the Court's legitimacy.

  34. I think there was a rumor about a girl in Cincinnati. Maybe there's some reds fans who can recall it.

  35. Just saw a tweet from a NYT reporter they investigated at least one case in Ohio as well.

  36. "Baltimore frankly should have been ashamed of themselves". I love day game John and Suzyn.

  37. Trusts and Estates! I had a great prof, but it's also gossipy as hell.

  38. turned this game on a while ago because why not and I am GASPING with laughter as a neutral, this is hilarious.

  39. Your math only works if he stays in the NHL for three years. If he gets sent to the AHL it’s much much less

  40. And I don't know what he'd get from NIL, but I'm sure it would be something, if he's playing for the Gophers.

  41. NGL, my sister went to Bing and every year I root for them to make it, we're gonna go nuts if it ever happens.

  42. I don’t think this makes him unprofessional as a lawyer. He’s having a goofy moment with his wife. Some of his personal beliefs are problematic but this wasn’t done in a courtroom and unless I’m missing some kind of valuable connotation then I don’t think this affects professionalism.

  43. If this is the standard for professionalism then almost every law student is failing character and fitness after their behavior at barristers' ball.

  44. I’m just glad this run happened. As a UNC senior, I thought there was no way in hell I’d see a deep tourney run as a student. I barely missed the 16 and 17 runs, but boy did this years run more than make up for it.

  45. I graduated in 16 and watched the games this run over facetime with the friends I was with then. It's genuinely so great having that as a student.

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