1. yeah that kinda asian font is every where

  2. mr president your private hentai plane is ready

  3. image they used those planes for doing the 9/11

  4. Sì perché in pochi sanno che è questa la vera storia dei usa non quella dei libri di scuola

  5. it can turn not just in a woman but in every specific woman

  6. one day it happend like 5 times in a row, i may suffer from some schizo disses i guess

  7. lucky ya!!! at least you have some brain cells left

  8. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  9. we live in a world with too much live action adaptions

  10. i'm actually eating all my food and not wasting

  11. we may have touched the same toilet and we won't never know

  12. the world shall pray to not see his ultimate form "the hand"

  13. facts that he is the strongest man alive

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