1. This statement of “lacing marijuana with fentanyl” os one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. You have made all of us dumber for having to read that.

  2. Yeah, you may play smart now, but you won't be so condescending next time you set down your marijuana cigarette to hit the john and someone laces it with fentanyl and gets you addicted.

  3. Već sam pisao na sličnom postu pa evo i ovdje ću. Mogu Vam odgovoriti na sva pitanja koja Vas zanimaju jer imam 15god iskustva kod raznih privatnika i većih firmi u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu.

  4. Valamar Rivijera je firma u kojoj sam zadnjih 8 godina, na ostalim mjestima sam bio po sezonu, eventualno dvije.

  5. Kakve su mogucnosti napredovanja? Da li se mora ici kroz prodaju da se dodje do nekih menadzerskih mjesta?

  6. Also the most molested succulent in the world.

  7. Who would you like to see challenge him in the primaries?

  8. With the system rigged as it is, you'll never get much further left than Biden. Who I have to admit has done more than I expected, but is still very center right in overall politics. The pragmatic option is to go as far left as is available. But whether that person is actually available is the real question. I hope it's not a Biden vs Trump rematch, but until I see otherwise, that's what I fear we'll get.

  9. That's the sad part. Bernie was the great hope, but he is too old now. I feel like Buttigieg is being groomed, but he is a corporate man to the bone marrow. Biden at least feels like he posseses some moral compass.

  10. From all I've heard, literally all that PiS has been good for has been handling Ukraine.

  11. And that's because the Polish people would fucking crucify them if they held back on helping Ukraine.

  12. Audi a3 2015 1.6 tdi placen 11k uzet sa 250k na satu sada 280k 2020. Od ulaganja registracija, mali servis i shell v-power gorivo.

  13. Zasto premium gorivo pobogu? Nije -20, a aditive za ciscenhe dizni mozes da dodas sam na svaki 20. tank, uz mnogo manji kumulativni trosak.

  14. Imaju popuste svakog utorka za dizel gde je razlika u ceni 3 dinara i iz mog licnog iskustva manje se pali regeneracija dpf-a sa tim gorivom, a ulje svakako na 10k menjam koji god auto do sada da sam vozio

  15. Who is insuring these boats? Or rather re-insuring? Who will pay the $10B+ cleanup bill if there's an accident?

  16. Because Russia is not under a blockade, but under sanctions.

  17. What happens when one of these tankers gets into an accident and spills its cargo?

  18. If they have DLP software, probably. But this software works mostly by scanning for keywords and classification. So unless there's confidential/internal markings, probably not. If there are, depends on how policies are set.

  19. Self-soothing and massage. Enrolling in a massage course is great, because it allows you to practice giving and receiving.

  20. Po metra crijeva, najbolji istarski folk metal bend svuh vremena je nedavno izbacio novi singl:

  21. Not all. Lots of Russian ethnics too, which is interesting how they came to be.

  22. And now he's playing ball for an even worse authoritarian regime.

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