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  1. because most video game stonk people r bag holding from when it ran to $500 and are mega salty

  2. It seems to be freezing, causing me to have to manually hit power button to turn off. There have also been a few times where it does restart itself as well in the same scenario but has only done that specifically a few times.

  3. Lmaoo GME bagholders got trapped when it ran to 500 :joy:

  4. same i have rtx 2060. crashes on startup every time no matter what i do. guess just got to wait for the real release date and hope there is a patch

  5. It was a 100K bond. I know what you meant tho but I just wanna let you know what it was (not in a negative way).

  6. If u think this is going back to the teens u are legit lost lol

  7. The only Gamestop people mad at AMC are the ones who got caught holding the bag and didnt sell at 400+. Pay them no attention lol

  8. Our version of science will only be able to take us so far

  9. unclench is the perfect word as well because i also have really bad jaw/tmj pain and thats all clenching. i guess our bodies being tense for whatever reason is just causing all these issues. the effects it has on my mind in the moment when on cannabis, is i have some hope and motivation that i can fix these things because of how it feels like i have the answers and body feels normal when high. i still am experimenting with different strains, Im going to try edibles next and see if that helps maybe with relaxing the tension. I think maybe our bodies have a lot of inflammation causing the tension? I am also going to try a CBD strain because that helps with inflammation and tension and maybe will have a long after effect or something. Hopefully we can find some way to get our bodies not to be tense when not on cannabis!

  10. I feel the exact same way. It feels like your mind and body are in alignment, doesn't it? it's as if all is well. However, I did try to switch to CBD and that didn't do it for me but I know it helped many others and I pray you're one of them because it certainly would feel more natural on a non psychoactive substance.

  11. ya i would most likely get a 1:1 ratio of cbd and thc not just cbd, from what ive read they work really good when used together. i fersure could see it as some sort of underlying subconsciousness trauma causing our bodies to be constantly tensed up. yea it just feels like complete revelation like "ohh this is how my body is supposed to feel and act" lol. hopefully one of us can figure it out!

  12. let me know how the og kush is from butterfly effect! was thinking about scooping that up myself. congrats!

  13. Don't tell them this! Tell them to do it which leaves the larger better paying orders for us veterans that know better.πŸ‘

  14. nahhh 80% of dashers are too unaware to even realize that they aren't even profiting with the orders they take. they driving 10+ miles in their SUVs for $9 orders, their ignorance will never change

  15. How much did you make Last week? Just wondering what s pro like you makes out of door dash?

  16. Of course, even though it is way less deaths, it's the deaths out of the control of humans that outrages ppl. Notice how every self driving crash is a huge news story?

  17. ya its a societal joke. same with the people who scream marijuana is devils lettuce but alcohol kills 90k a year but no problem to them

  18. Yes, society favors an emotional response over a logical one

  19. imagine caring about virtual numbers instead of the amount of money you make lmaoo

  20. Same for me around 8 oclock. Used to be just as good as any other part of dinner rush but now slows down and is hit or miss

  21. Yeah, while only getting $1 from Doordash on a good tip hurts us drivers, it probably was worse for the customer lol. Imagine tipping your driver $6 for to find out they woulda probably got paid $7 or more anyways regardless if you would have tipped or not. Seems like its almost screwing the customer more than the driver lol.

  22. If anything this is just gonna make it easier for noobs to get early access scheduling. They only need 5 completed deliveries a week and of course they will have over 95% completion rating, they are too ignorant to unassign an order even if they have to wait forever.

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