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  1. Skip the water boiling. Just hot tap water and a brush that's stiff and designed for cast iron, salt scrub, or chain mail scrubby depending on the cook. Then dry and oil.

  2. Thanks! It’s been about a year that it was seasoned. Maybe I need to do it a few times to get it solid.

  3. Are cabinbags not included in your uniform from the companies in the US? 😧

  4. My company gives us an allotment of about $350 a year after the first year for uniforms and luggage if we choose. I don’t know what other companies do or don’t do.

  5. Thank you! Are those 3 things that you have, all of it? Is it worth getting an overnighter ever? Finally, do you know what products they are specifically so I can look them up?

  6. I’ve been doing this for 7 years and never got a small bag for short overnights. I just take my bag . But lots of people have a smaller case that they switch out. It just depends on how much you pack or if you commute….

  7. I literally came here just to ask this same thing. WHY does it smell like that!? I have it sitting it my fridge trying to dry out the skin and I think I’ve made a mistake 😂. Did you end up cooking it?

  8. No! I tossed that stinky thing out! I’ve gotten spoiled things from Trader Joe’s enough times to not take the gamble on something that smells off. But again so many people are saying it’s supposed to smell like that……🤷‍♀️

  9. I had the exact same thing happen… it smelled awful, but I convinced myself it must just be the “brine” and put it in the oven. MISTAKE, the whole house started to reek. I threw it away. I don’t think this is normal…

  10. I’m so glad I didn’t cook it up!!!! Stood in the kitchen for 10 minutes trying to convince myself it’s supposed to smell like that.

  11. Wait what exactly was the problem? What did she initially do? Something with the dog obviously but idk

  12. If you have a “pet in cabin” it has to stay in the carrier under the seat. She obviously didn’t think the rules apply to her and chose to take the dog out….and most likely gave attitude when the fa asked her to put the dog back in the bag. Normally people break the rule when we are already in the air and we are forced to tell them multiple times…some even put the bag on their lap and unzip the bag…thinking they are slick.

  13. Aren’t you allowed to put the carrier on your lap aside from takeoff / landing? I’ve flown with my cat twice (SIN->SFO and SFO->MIA) and never had any issues. She stays in the carrier the whole time but I would put the carrier on my lap, after checking with people in my row.

  14. You can. But it has to be fully zipped. A lot of people put the carrier on their lap and completely unzip. To be honest I might tell you one time and then just give up. I don’t care enough….it’s a battle I don’t feel like fighting. Your animal has to be loose around the cabin for me to cause a fuss.

  15. No! It’s just as bad as ipsy now ):

  16. I think I’m going to cancel and do Eyescream. I’ve been on the fence only because I’m new to eyeshadow…but all the other products in the box are way better than ipsy and boxy combine

  17. The one where the airliner landed on the single engine Cessna because it did not see it?


  19. I thought about something like this, but I can never find a good paleo tortilla. I've tried regular cheap corn tortillas and they just break which turns it into a fork-meal.

  20. Egg life makes egg white ones! They are pretty good (:

  21. If it’s a cute one I won’t be getting it!!!! I only get the boring bags! They always send me some old crap on the months with cute bags. Seriously i get every other month bag. :/

  22. I eat mine on rice crackers. 👩‍🍳🤌

  23. They had the Alleyoop in boxy two months in a row…sent everyone one shade one month and the other shade the next month 🤣 and then had the audacity to tell them it’s not considered a repeat item because it was a different shade 😂😂😂😂

  24. Im just the opposite. I have enough makeup to last a lifetime. I want all the skincare/haircare/fragrance/body products. Id have loved your bag except the brush. Im getting that as well and it was the only thing I was unhappy about. They are nice brushes so I will gift it.

  25. I feel like I’ve been overrun the last few months with ipsy and boxy. It’s been 80% skin and hair. I want some new makeup to try! I’ve been blessed with three giant pimples from switching my face wash and skin routine just trying to use my surplus. And I don’t get pimples so it’s been a pain the last few days :/ maybe I’ll get lucky in my boxy this month…..

  26. I got all the products I was hoping not to get….where’s the makeup!?!? :/

  27. I got this in my boxycharm a few months ago….it’s alright. It’s got a strong perfume smell…..It gets the makeup off. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy another though.

  28. I went on Amazon and they are in stock. Clicked on a few 22 inch black and they were in stock. 169$ only 8 left in stock. But it is four wheels……

  29. Thank you!!!! Very much appreciated! We will be getting a bigger planter tomorrow (:

  30. I used to have glossy box! I really liked it! It does tend to be more skin care and hair care focused. I enjoyed getting brands that weren’t really big in the us. And they always have some really cool special edition boxes. I suppose it depends on what you want out of a box….more make up or skin products.

  31. I am shocked people still eat quest bars when this brand simply exists

  32. Are the calories about the same???

  33. Maybe it’s just the max of items you can review this month? I don’t know about you but it’s incredibly irritating when someone reviews an item they didn’t even get. “Would have loved to get this!” Or my favorite was on the shadow moon eyeliner and shadow tool…”held its self in place not too sticky on face!” Ummmm there isn’t even any adhesive on that tool you have to hold it. So maybe finally they are making it so people don’t just make fake reviews. Just a guess. Not saying that’s what you are doing… just wondering if they put a cap on the number of items you can review each month.

  34. I don’t want to get my hopes up I’ll get the advertised bag…………………….

  35. Ummmm where in America can I get ketchup Cheetos???? Or paprika??? Pizza flavor??? That ain’t American. We got cheese, white cheddar, hot and jalapeño.

  36. Yeah the chapstick isn’t that great.

  37. This is an old bag. What the hell is going on with Ipsy. They sent me an old bag last month also and I really wanted the advertised. Shipping has gotten even worse, too, despite the price increase.

  38. I know right??? I was with them in 2014 and don’t remember this many problems!!! I think I canceled just because I wanted full size. And I always got the bag that was advertised! I reached out to them and they gave me 600 points 😒 they said they didn’t notify me because it was unforeseen.

  39. It's insane to me that some employers still care about THC. Like "OMFG you ate a gummy and watched a Marvel movie two weekends ago? Clearly you are morally suspect and not to be trusted in this call center!"

  40. My thought process on this is there isn’t a way to test if weed affected your mental state or contributed to decision making. So for example a pilot crashes a plane…well yeah he ate gummies last week but it pops in their system. Can’t tell if this contributed to the crash…where alcohol will tell you the exact level. Again just my thought process on why

  41. I don’t think I’m a fan of the leave in conditioner… I used it on my wet hair and it didn’t really detangle (I’ve got fine thin hair) and then I used it on dry and it made my hair a rats nest when I was trying to brush it out…and finally I used it on wet and blow dried my hair and it had a gross feel and looked greasy. 😒 it could also be my shampoo not mixing well with the product or my hair type.

  42. Aw man 😞. I’ll have to see if I have better luck. My hair is thick and wavy with dry ends and oily roots.

  43. Hope it works out for you! Everyone has different hair types and things that don’t work for some work beautifully for others!

  44. I swear for the the last 6 months, every single month I’ve been getting hair AND skincare items, despite filling out my profile stating I don’t ever want either of those items. I was forced to pick the alpha h simply becuase I have zero use for ANOTHER black mascara. Since ipsy bought boxy it’s a waste of money, I’m looking for a new subscription atm and when me remaining 3 months of prepaid boxy are up I’m outta here lol. I get like one item that I actually want a month, and the rest is hair/skincare/filler. I am SO TIRED of getting styling creams and crap for my hair. I don’t heat style or even blow dry and it’s about 3 inches long atm lmao. Doesn’t need much except Argan oil.

  45. I know right!?! I’ve got enough hair care and skin care to last forever!! I got face wash last month…..and of course I get another in this box.

  46. This is the first month I’m a little disappointed :/ I’m being overrun with hair care and skin.

  47. I had them pick for me :/ nothing peaked my interest this month.

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