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  1. This is such a valid question, like if we evangelize at all there needs to be resources about how to speak lovingly and honestly to lgbtq+ community, because it’s not just a community anymore it’s a culture. Are there any like resources or ministries or people with experience speaking on this?

  2. Verse by verse ministries app or website has great audio and pdf in depth studies of many books of the Bible. It gets into historical context and explains the rules of interpretation as it uses them. It has really helped me study the Bible, understand it and get answers to a lot of questions. I challenged myself to do one a day for a couple months and finished Genesis. Highly recommend Genesis too.

  3. Sorry for not writing this! I’m going to America for Christmas coming from Korea. I’ve lived in Korea for 7 months now, if it’s asking to confirm I have a long term visa in Korea. I just saw a lot of google search results for various things saying country of residence is the country you have citizenship in.

  4. I struggle with this topic because there’s such conflicting teachings. My family and all of my churches and christian friends advocate that it’s hate to lie about what you believe regarding homosexuality but others say just keep your beliefs to yourself. I know I am now but I don’t usually give my unsolicited opinion about it but even when people have asked me what I think….. I’ve told a couple Christians my true thoughts and they’ve gotten really mad at me.

  5. "The truth will set you free" but also "become all things to all men."

  6. I heard a thing that the Greek word God used when he showed Adam Eve was that he “paraded” her in front of him, so like even Adam had the choice of who he wanted. So I don’t think there’s “the one” but as long as ur equally yoked and u love(v.) that person then you can find rest in knowing God’s will will be done no matter who you choose. But side note like y’all here said sometimes God whispers to us with specific revelations but just if He doesnt you can be at peace knowing this.

  7. If you believe they have the power to heal you I think yes. Where does the healing power come from? The rocks? The universe? God should be your source of healing.

  8. In my state it’s kinda countryside so it’s hard to make friends- so that’s one benefit. Also ados, deployments or temporary full time gigs pay really really well. I saved up enough money to buy a brand new car just from a year on ados. And as my first time job as a lower enlisted. And the work was super chill and my coworkers amazing people.

  9. I was thinking this, didn’t want the trailer but was a little sad to see such straight up witchcraft normalized and seen as good. To me the worst part was that it came off as possible, like reminding the audience this might be a marvel movie but it’s kind of something you can do too. I know a lot of friends and younger kids in my life that identify with witchcraft or dabble in it and I hate to see a popular movie add more people to its ranks. Little kids wanting to be like scarlet witch.

  10. No, but we should definitely stay away because it’s two hours and twenty dollars worth of garbage. Edit: Christians have no fear of witchcraft. We hold greater power in God’s grace.

  11. It’s really heartbreaking sometimes and frustrating but breaking up is probably the path. Our youth pastor used to remind us you either break up or get married- and if u don’t want to marry a nonbeliever then it’s better to end it.

  12. Basically we are idiots and are constantly doing wrong things and dumb things... .and yet we are part of God's family. He just loves us and keeps encouraging us in the right direction, not forcing, not manipulating. We are in an unequally yoked relationship with our father in heaven.

  13. I’ve never thought about that. I don’t think it’s a good reason to start an unequally yoked relationship cuz God told us we shouldn’t but that’s a rly interesting perspective.

  14. Praying! Prayer can really make a difference so take comfort that God hears your needs!

  15. Definitely, especially your age depending where you live. I recently moved to the city and it’s been so much easier to find Christian friends at my church than when I was in the countryside. But until now I never really had any before. Id say seek out other churches or Christian organizations and events if there’s any nearby and maybe you can make some friends there.

  16. Every foreigner I’ve met this year has expressed Korea feels like an oasis away from home. The lack of crime, economy and infrastructure make it rly comfortable. The proximity of everything makes it super convenient and easy to spend time doing things with your loved ones or making new friends.

  17. Is this color a good looking or natural looking color as a teacher in Korea?

  18. You need your ARC card to open a checking account. Turnover for THIS depends on your area. Bookings for your appt can be 2 to 3 weeks ahead of time THEN turnover time for card (for me 10 days).

  19. This YouTuber used a delivery app and pay at arrival during quarantine and taped an envelope with exact cash outside her door.

  20. Yeah I called this morning and they refused since I was a new customer. I just cancelled the card and applied for Chase with instant approval. It is supposed to arrive in 3-5 days

  21. I’m already a capital one customer with a separate card but when I applied for a new one (to get miles for the plane ticket I’ll buy) the fastest they could do was 5-6 days (no fee) instead of 2 weeks. They said the welcome packet for a new card as opposed to a replacement made it take longer.

  22. I don't think this belief is Biblical- as all the other comments have mentioned. However I agree that this is a great way to avoid addiction. This is the same philosophy that I use to prevent myself from drinking at the wrong times. I have depression and have in the past drank when I was sad to avoid the bad feelings- but drinking only with the right friends or for celebratory occasions (and not getting drunk) is one way that I prevent myself from becoming addicted. I think even if I did drink (even in moderation) every time I felt depressed at night and used that instead of God to feel better that would be a sin because I'm making it an idol.

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