TIFU by getting a co-worker to flash me

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  1. I wonder if Noir could be Edgar’s brother or something. Noir did always seem close to him

  2. I’ve been operating under the idea that noir was the dragonfly guy who got all burnt up in the soldierboy accident during the flashback

  3. Ya the black guy who had dragonfly wings. Had half his face blow off. Made the whole deal about not wearing the mask. I guess that’s kinda why I thought he turned into noir.

  4. Got Donar as my pity today but out of 60 pulls that was my only legend

  5. Lol have you played this game? Devs are stingy as shit. Which is strange because they were crazy generous with AFK

  6. Have you? I've accumulated 40+ summons and still counting just between the last banner and this one, I don't know about you but considering the new events haven't even started that's a big chunk of summons for a short span of time.

  7. Compared to the amount of codes in AFK arena though it’s super lacking

  8. Long Mian is who I was thinking. Either that or I wait to draw my 60-70 espers I’ve saved when the banner drops

  9. I am Literally Sam Pittman and have never heard anything about bad conditioning

  10. I literally just had Treylon Burks over for dinner an hour ago and he NEVER mentioned this.

  11. Thanks! I’ll try that. I’m on Spatial Tower 100F now so I’ll try to get that Lucas then try Purgatory again

  12. Same, can’t beat 100F, can’t beat Freddy - totally fucked

  13. If a little body hair on a woman bothers you, you might be a snowflake.

  14. I mean, OP had to level up 24 espers to level 40, and before that another 24 to level 30. I'm pretty sure had they just levelled starimons from scrath they'd probably saved some stamina. But it's a nice payback, and honestly 36% extra HP or DEF on Gab is just even better on an already stupid strong esper.

  15. The leveling isn’t even the hardest, they also have to Ascend them

  16. Actually.. better. Now at some exaggerated tips on the outside letters and arch the bottom middle a bit and we’re looking good.

  17. Says the guy who passed fucking citizens united

  18. I think with a lot of these “redesigns” or rebrand, like my team had, they are so out of touch with what the fans want and they aren’t willing to connect. Fans clearly preferred so many other names and designs to “Commanders” yet that’s what they decided on. I preferred Football Team over most of the options.

  19. All of us preferred Football team, it was so unoriginal that it became original and everyone loved it. Fuck Dan Snyder.

  20. Thank you! Been trying to beat this forever and this worked!

  21. Aaaand I have only Gabby out of that list lol

  22. She’s ok, I wouldn’t say “really good”

  23. This dude is gonna get rocked one day very soon

  24. I don't believe in rating women's bodies with numbers. I find this question paTENtly offensive.

  25. I honestly don’t see the difference. Hot water is hot water

  26. I’m there too, looking for a new game already

  27. Nice game, horrible for Ftp players. I’m looking for something else because it’s a slog with good graphics

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