1. Lore: In 2028 the British isles united to combat nationalist unrest. However in the 2032 election that came 4 years after the unification, the nationalist dominated the election. They quickly seized Buckingham Palace and declared themselves the new rulers of the nation, with the head of the party declaring himself emperor for life. (Go easy on me, this is my first alt-hist!)

  2. Not much thought has gone into this. You've just used a map-fill tool without really creating a story. There isn't really anything to criticise.

  3. I think you're mixing up legitimate and legitimist, and of course he wasn't Orleanist, the (current) House of Orléans didn't even exist yet

  4. I mean the story in itself is wild, like supposedly Charles III had a son with the daughter of a Mughal prince, with the intent of forming an Indian Christian State, free from Papal meddling. If that doesn't sound whacky enough, it's worth mentioning that Charles III died at 34 years old during the 7th Italian War, so I have a hard time seeing exactly when did he get the opportunity to sail to India, get laid, then come back to die in a siege.

  5. Does anybody else think that Michael Lang was lying about not being aware of rapes at the festival at the time?

  6. “So, I didn’t hear about any of the allegations for rape, um, or attacks on women until after the festival was over”

  7. "I'm already balls deep in this hooker and I paid for a full 2 hours."

  8. Nothing really, but that's because the "Jutes" as a distinct ethnic identity that settled portions of England exclusively never really existed to begin with.

  9. I have a couple of followups. Were Hengist and Horsa a product of this later medieval mythmaking? And how has the recent historiography of postroman late antique ethnicity moved beyond the Heather v Halsall debate? I remember being taught this in first year, but very briefly and it felt like the reading list was stuck in the 90s/ 00s

  10. I'm American and I'd love to engage any Europeans in an honest debate or discussion on any topic.

  11. Most of western Europe is used to saying "thank God for America " it's time for western Europe to stand up and defend herself!

  12. Its been 1 GW ffs… like I get it, some strikers seem valid and you wouldnt be mad picking some lesser options, but they arent back. If Mitro, Toney and Wilson blank next week everyone is going to say “see true value will always be in defence and midfield”. Dont jump the bandwagon too soon. On forwards you’d rather be 2 weeks late than 2 weeks early

  13. I meant the premium/expensive options more than anything. I don’t need to say anything about Haaland. And Nunez transformed Liverpool when he came on, his finishing wasn’t the best but his attacking movement and positioning was exceptional, he must start over Bobby going forwards.

  14. I mean the premium options were always going to be an option lol. Thats why they were in a tonne of teams. Haaland and/or Kane were picked by like 80% of people. The only one you can add was Darwin, which I agree with, but to say 9’s are back because one player exceeded expectations is a bit jerky

  15. Haaland and Nunez were “always going to be an option” once the top two teams on the league spent a huge amount of money on them and fundamentally altered the way they play, yeah. Hence, goalscoring 9’s are back.

  16. Nah, it was just Covid-lockdown weight. Gyms closed and I was working from home, so I wasn't commuting by bike every day or working out, so I was sat at home and eating. Packed on the pounds super fast.

  17. Credit to you for losing it. For me, lockdown was the best thing that happened to my body (weight-wise, it really did a number on my already-disabled legs). I felt fat and disgusting when I was 3 stone lighter than I am now, getting actually fat and covered in stretch marks forced me to actually confront myself and give myself a break.

  18. Good for you for choosing that path. Facing and fixing personal and physical issues can be incredibly difficult, but it's so rewarding. Not just for fixing the problems, but also for the renewed confidence that comes afterwards from knowing that that level of strength and willpower are there for whatever other challenges might come along.

  19. 100%. Because of my disability I need to focus on getting stronger, not thinner, because there are days when I physically can’t work out like I want to.

  20. "Clean shirt" has got to be one of the weakest and most PG insults I've ever heard, that's a damn good story

  21. Close. OPs name is Lrigwoc Esrever.

  22. No need to apologise for anything, especially as a British person. It’s certainly kind, but is there a reason why in this alternate timeline the Americans miss central London completely and bomb a field outside of Reading?

  23. That's what happens when you put the "Commander in Chief: Pacific Fleet" in charge of bombing England.

  24. In this timeline, America does a Pearl Harbour but instead bombs the Henley Regatta (i think that’s about where he’s pointing) and wipes out an entire generation of the English aristocracy.

  25. I'd argue that Celtic (admittedly, partly prehistory), Roman and Norman slavery had a far higher impact on our history. The consensus among economic historians is that colonialism and slavery were probably not beneficial for the UK and in fact marginally detrimental overall, though there some cases are stronger than others. Teaching the slave trade is of course important, but I found it strange how at least in my experience, this self flagellating narrative was taught while the industrial revolution was largely ignored. I myself am Celtic (Welsh) but find it ridiculous that we never acknowledge the scale of slavery prior to "the slave trade".

  26. Look I agree with you that if somebody exits school under the impression that no culture other than the British Empire and America practised slavery, they've been miseducated. But you could use the multiculturalism argument to advocate for the teaching of literally any period of history. Obviously the raids on the Southwest were horrific, but overall for fairly obvious reasons the British Isles were not the main target of Mediterranean slavers so it wouldn't be suitable for a 'UK history' module. Why should students specifically study slavery in the Islamic world, instead of literature, the spread of religion, gender, architecture, warfare, trade etc etc etc? Bluntly, the only reason I can see for its inclusion is if you think that the current syllabus is too "self-flagellating" (it isn't) and that we should insert a 'other cultures did it too' module as a corrective.

  27. Is the Islamic slave trade (plus Barbary piracy) discussed? It seems to me that people have far too little knowledge of what was the largest in scale, longest lasting and likely most brutal slave trade in history.

  28. There's only so many lessons in a year. Discussions of history on reddit always descend into "why is this particular topic that interests me as an adult not being taught?"

  29. I think a lot of people here need a reminder that the season lasts for 38 gameweeks, not 1

  30. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you after the champagne I’m popping after scoring 10 points above the average

  31. Yeah but I really doubt Graham Potter is logging onto Man United twitter to check their tactics. ‘Formations’ are very flexible nowadays and there’s a lot more interchanging than there used to be.

  32. There's also fuck all he could do about it, because he's already submitted his own teamsheet

  33. Being tied at 19% with Ireland is a pretty bad result considering how long us English have spent annoying them.

  34. I mean... You can start it with an Native American killing a French soldier and then have George Washington go: "darn it... Well at least this won't lead to a 7 year war that results in taxes that lead to a revolution, right?"

  35. A redcoat fires into a crowd of Bostonians, before turning directly to camera and going “well, that just happened!”.

  36. Yeah I was debating putting the welsh on there too but I though since they were in the south I figured they were impacted just as much as the English. But hey, that's what happens when you ask an American to make a meme about Britain.

  37. Yeah just a small heads-up, if you start talking about who the “real British” people are based on bloodlines and ethnicity, people who are actually from here might start thinking you’re a clown and a racist.

  38. Brought about the 2nd goal, which I have to say, is not surprising as Liverpool almost excludively in right midfield and often deep right flank section go through him and he distributes. He did let Mitrovic waltz into that header on the first goal, like he was his daddy, but TAA is an offensive minded back. Besides that it was probably an average game for TAA. His average is most players "good". In terms of FPL, a rare blank for my man.

  39. He should have done better, but I think there are few fullbacks who beat Mitrovic to that header. It was canny movement on the forward’s part to create the mismatch and a brilliant assist from Tete.

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