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  1. I do as well for family. I'll reuse any packaging lol reuse reduce recycle!

  2. Looooove the colours you've chosen, especially the spiced burgundy. All the colours compliment you well!

  3. Interesting how Aritzia texted me that my clientele date is tomorrow (22nd), but lo and behold, I have access to clientele today (21st). Regardless, I finally purchased the

  4. I'm in love with my Gonzalo tops!! I wish they weren't being given the slow death (discontinuation).

  5. what's that despicable me meme of like, he's so fluffy I could die? because that is what's happening here

  6. Lemony flutter has kind of a high price tag but one pot has lasted me FOR.EVER.

  7. Scrolling to find this answer. Someone on this sub said told ne that it would last forever and they were right!

  8. Reminds me of rare Beauty's lip souffle in fearless

  9. Like another redditor said, the phoning it in chocolate episode, and also the WAR donuts episode. Something about Kwesi having the judges close their eyes to feel the Carribean breeze gets me every time.

  10. As a fellow Canadian, this us very kind of you to compile this list for us to use!

  11. Not sure about carrying European brands, but Body by Chai could be what you're looking for. They are also women and 2SLGBT+ friendly if that's up your alley.

  12. This made me a bit emotional. Feels like a "see you again" gift until we see him again after enlistment. Definitely going to be playing this on repeat until then.

  13. Let me be basic (or classy, whatever y'all want) but it's Marc Jacobs' Daisy. I strayed away once, but never again.

  14. I'm enjoying these games! Also, home loyalty says that my 2nd favorite Canadian is Calgary, but I left my heart in Vancouver (my favorite city).

  15. Honestly, kinda love this format of sharing a code lol I like carnival games. I'm guessing Sept. 4!

  16. Quitting my job over the summer was one of the greatest forms of self-care I've done. I felt awful doing it, but no job is worth the mental anguish it gave me.

  17. See, I don't collect any digimon cards. I play with my partner's cards. But these? My wallet burns from my want of buying the set.

  18. make Tom's sweater yellow and we have the Arthur meme

  19. Could I get a code if you have any left? I will also offer dog pics :)

  20. I hope this happens in Canada because it's perfect timing for my birthday purchase!

  21. I don't like the logo placements, but tbh, this one doesn't offend me as much as the bodysuit logos.

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