1. These are all so cute! I’m an SN, but I would love to have the fun that only FGs can have! I love the juxtaposition.

  2. These are hot but also realistic and wearable. Job well done.

  3. SN reporting here. I look best in wide strap tank tops, ribbed Henley shirts, scoopneck bodysuits, V-neck and scoopneck tshirts, boatneck tops with elbow length sleeves, turtlenecks, knee length skirts, long skirts, wide or straight leg jeans or trousers, full length dresses, jackets with soft necks and draped fronts, wrap shirts/jackets/dresses, cropped thick sweaters, thin drapey knits, shorts with roomy legs, and soft cardigans. I’m a soft summer, so I try to buy mostly greys and blues, which I consider my most versatile and flattering neutrals, for my basic pieces.

  4. She looks great in that outfit, thought I don’t love the bow placement on her. A lower set pony and bow would be amazing on her. However, I do see how the higher placement could be just to add interest to lend a high fashion twist.

  5. What? Margot Robbie is FN? I thought we collectivelly settled on SN.

  6. I just watched a TikTok from Ellie Jean showing Margot Robbie in FN looks, and it convinced to of her FN status. I don’t think she really needs the waist accommodation that SN bodies need.

  7. R and TR make such a great fairy tale characters. They pull off the most fantastical looks.

  8. He kept yelling at me that she's his ride or die and she's very happy actually and they live together. :P

  9. HE said it. Not her. He sounds like a real piece of crap. Good for you standing up for her. She will remember you and hopefully take inspiration from what you said.

  10. Most counties are desperate for school bus drivers, and they will usually pay for you to get your CDL. It’s very rewarding work if you like children and serving your community.

  11. Didn't mean to imply otherwise, but given that she's a young woman and her older male coworkers are kissing her at a party, gender definitely plays into this particular situation.

  12. Exactly. I know VP Tom isn’t sliding up to the delivery guy John to lock lips. Like WTF?

  13. No, it’s not normal. And it’s also not okay.

  14. Here is a question to ask yourself if you’re ever unsure if behavior is inappropriate. “Would they do this to another coworker who is male?” I’m sure you didn’t see Bob from accounting pull the custodian Harold close for a little holiday smooch. Right?

  15. A wrap/robe type of coat with a rounded or thinner lapel works.

  16. I like a V-neck or scoop neck tank or tee paired with comfy shorts or long, loose cut pants on a thin material.

  17. I personally welcome you with open arms. Glad to have you! 🥰

  18. Maybe red lipstick is a problem because you need to determine your color season and find the right red for you. Personally, I’m a soft summer, and I look silly in every thing but nudes and plums. Oddly, I can wear a BRIGHT purple and look better than if I wear a nice classic red.

  19. I agree with this actually. Emojis can be viewed as unprofessional any way. Easy out.

  20. It was tough to find good full body pics of this amazing woman, and even those tend to be at an odd angle or snapshots of her in motion. I included a few face and bust pics at the end just to show her in some of her more SD looks which I noticed in quite a few of her album covers and promo shots. However, I hate the SD looks on her and prefer her in the more tailored looks.

  21. I’ve never heard of trying spearmint tea for acne, I have awful hormonal acne so have just bought some to try! Thanks for the helpful advice.

  22. Good luck! Inbox me any time if you have questions.

  23. I find it easier to focus when I take control and lead the action. Role playing is also a fun way to stay engaged.

  24. Standards are a little more lax for horny humans looking for something noncommittal. Humans are pickier when it comes to relationships. I feel that’s true for everyone regardless of gender.

  25. I actually prefer shorter to average height men. I’ve dated taller men as well. Tall is just not my preference.

  26. I like broad shoulders. That’s what helps make the hourglass shape. Broad shoulders, smaller waist, wide hips.

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