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  1. Pack your bags, go to India. Especially south India where there are govt hospitals who treat any patients. No documentation required.

  2. It's going to be hilarious if you check your credit card statement only to realize your kid has been ordering food on your card unbeknownst to you.

  3. Always wondered how this happens for long. Don’t we get a text every time there’s a charge on the card?

  4. Russia is seriously appearing as a weak country. Is this a part of Putins plan?

  5. Is this all Russia’s got? Or they’re sacrificing a few before they actually attack?

  6. Claim for Pumas here. Most expensive pair was 6$, they retailed for 400$. Everything else hovered around the 2$ mark. This was a decade ago though.

  7. Basically, your great grandchildren could still be laundering that cash

  8. Depends on the brand. Def worth it for some Allen Edmonds, ok deal for Stacey Adams.

  9. putin is cold and logical. he made a miscalculation by overestimating his forces, underestimating ukraine, and underestimating the West's response.

  10. ‘Putin is cold and logical’ and ‘he miscalculated’ don’t seem to go well together.

  11. Poor fellow destroyed his career in sports. Could have supported Ukraine and sought asylum in any other country that can help him with his sports.

  12. Restrictions? No man, any American company by law has to return all data to the government if they have it in their servers.

  13. Once in St. Thomas Mount, cantonment area, on a dry river bed, a Paleolithic hand axe was found by self. To imagine it was probably 600,000 years old is stupendous.

  14. OP try turning them each 90 degrees so they face the sides of the desk

  15. Not sure if you were joking but I tried anyways and they sound even better! Thank you!!

  16. It’s all good, that looks like 99.999% pure audiophile grade dust on those cables. Where did you get it from? Dealer name and link please.

  17. Get 500k as joining bonus, 50k yearly for your advice!

  18. I filed my ITR-3 on 1st October with a refund of 76kINR (it was because my employer didn’t consider some portion of 80C) It has not been processed yet. And you dont have to worry about scrutiny if you have declared and can explain each line.

  19. What happens if you do not have supporting documents? You have to return the returns with some ‘fine’?

  20. Been using BSNL Fibernet for 3+ years and never had an issue. Their grievance hotline is a boon as well fixing anything in few hours provided it’s between 9-5. Will strongly suggest BSNL than any of the private ones.

  21. There’s too much VC money pouring into India for startups and these guys pay a lot more. So people leave their old jobs for the new ones making space for more recruits.

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