1. Yes, it does. You’ll be safe and spoiler free just playing the first game.

  2. That’s from a movie. ELE is an actual acronym. And now I realize you’re trolling

  3. It was just a thought. Your post got me thinking.

  4. We all saw what happened when the iPad launched.

  5. How do you claim on the app? I have the Xbox and Game Pass app.

  6. Dr. Edelstein seemed like a stand up guy.

  7. I give most games my undivided attention during first play throughs. For mop-up I listen to podcasts and long YouTube videos. Makes it a ton easier.

  8. Most WTF body horror scene In recent memory is in “The Color out of Space”.

  9. Know it was a long journey. Took me almost nineteen days of playtime. Good job.

  10. It's the first "new" AC game I've completed. I'm scared to start AC Valhalla, I've heard it's even more massive

  11. I understand. I’m still waiting for that pricing sweet spot but I’ll play it eventually. Get a lot of value with these games (Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla), but they’re commitments.

  12. I love that you noticed the artwork and that your wife is thoughtful enough to purchase it for you ❤️

  13. It always reminded me of the cover for the Hootie and the Blowfish album, Cracked Rear View

  14. Damn, it really does look a lot like it.

  15. Didn’t feel a thing. Gone in a blink.

  16. “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” could be reimagined as a horror. Wouldn’t take much either once you remove the singing.

  17. Heck even keeping some of the singing could make it scary.

  18. Recently finished the sequel myself (finished the original years ago). Such FANTASTIC games. Wish I could restart them.

  19. “Trolling: kill a captain while riding an Olog” was kind of a bitch on SoW. Took awhile and when I got it I was extremely lucky.

  20. Is shadow of Mordor still possible with the servers down? And how hard is war?

  21. You can still 100% the achievements on Mordor. They patched the “Repaid in Blood” achievement so you just have to avenge yourself and not other players online. War has difficulty settings that are not tied to any achievements, so you can play on easy and get 100% on the base game and Blade of Galadriel DLC. The Desolation of Mordor DLC requires you to play on a harder difficulty for one achievement, but it’s not too hard. I recommend normal for your play through, which can be overwhelming at times, especially when attacking fortresses, but doable.

  22. The World War Z infected vs. the Rage infected from 28 days later

  23. No coincidence I’m getting “Take on Me” vibes. Very nice work.

  24. You a speed-running achievement hunter? Jeez.

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