1. So guys are staying in school longer because they make more than playing football in Canada? Well that's a NIL consequence I didn't expect.

  2. ard8 says:

    It’s also one the NCAA (or American gov that might regulate) have no reason to care about tbh

  3. ard8 says:

    Can’t wait to see a replay of someone using the heist machine in war

  4. ard8 says:

    I have never seen Snyder be meaningfully accused of racism tbh.

  5. Bc it leads to an unequal amount of resources & strain on the on-field coaching staff. Analysts add a huge amount of value and it just widens the gap between the have’s & have not’s.

  6. ard8 says:

    I wouldn’t say Florida proved that more staff = more wins last season.

  7. True but you know the point I’m trying to make here lol

  8. ard8 says:

    I actually don’t lol

  9. ard8 says:

    College Cheerleader Cassidy Cerny Collects Cash

  10. ard8 says:

    It would certainly add an interesting wrinkle to everyone debating how much UCLA’s 11 titles matter in modern times

  11. 200 innings isn’t “easily accessible on day 1” and that’s assuming that this is a ranked/br reward and not the end of some expensive WBC collection

  12. I can easily get 200 innings in a couple days and so can thousands of other players

  13. Spending half your cap on an aging QB who plays a style that creates more contact and generates more injuries is not smart for a rebuilding team/franchise.

  14. Washington isn’t rebuilding. They went 8-8-1 with awful QB production.

  15. The problem is only one tournament win coming out of all of those wins/years.

  16. UF has scored 5 runs this inning and really only has one solid hit.

  17. Honestly I think Harris + Rales was enough to “legitimize it”

  18. He’s headed to Iona

  19. Anyone who thought Deion wanted to coach at an HBCU for life was kidding themselves and then blamed Deion when their own assumptions didn’t pan out

  20. Pretty sure when he was hired at Jackson he openly said on interviews that his goal was to coach D1 and wanted to coach at FSU.

  21. I know he was mad that he wasn’t given a fair shot to interview for FSU’s opening, but he just didn’t have the experience that the job reasonably requires.

  22. Would be cool if a mod threw up a time capsule thread on this subreddit

  23. I saw a dude that looked just like Dan Snyder today but I was in a place it made no sense for him to be. So uncanny that I almost half jokingly asked if he was Dan Snyder

  24. What if they are both lvl 1


  26. Hope he knows there is a salary cap here unlike baseball

  27. To be fair the Dodgers keep a consistently successful farm system that home grows talent despite never getting top draft picks. Truly an impressive franchise.

  28. FSU’s next 5 games are against very good ranked teams (2 against UF, 3 against UVA)

  29. Made a typo. Should be fixed now

  30. Along these lines, I hope they update the box score/scoreboard to include centers, clears, and demos etc

  31. Seems like a lot for mid game but would be nice to see all that when the game ends

  32. Nander owes us a homer cause he just single handedly gave up a run

  33. Fsu leads 1-0 after 1

  34. I had somebody call me out for scoring fewer points in a losing game of Dropshot. The points argument holds up even worse there. It was wild.

  35. Well the damage argument is kinda valid there. If you have very little damage it’s unlikely you played enough good defense to be just as much of a contributor as those getting lots of damage

  36. Yea but they were celebrating in Maggiano’s so

  37. Not an ideal week for FSU thus far. Hopefully tomorrow can at least clinch a conference series win.

  38. Harris / Rales in a private room in Chevy Chase right now at Maggianos. Pretty obvious who it is

  39. Maggiano’s rocks tho

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