1. Glock 19 is the default recommendation for someone with little to no experience

  2. Would you recommend a rifle/shotgun for first gun over a handgun? I also plan to do training of some type. I wouldn't feel responsible having a weapon and not being trained on it.

  3. Are you looking to carry this firearm or will this firearm primarily remain at home?

  4. Primary at home but if my wife wants us to join a protest I'm good with open carry.

  5. Since it will be primary at home, I would take a look either an AR15 platform or a PCC platform like the Ruger PC Carbine. Having a firearm with three points of contact like a rifle makes shooting accurately much easier and makes recoil management easier.

  6. Northwest firearms and are the two I’ve had success with

  7. Yeah, that is kind of what I was thinking. Any suggestions then in Eastern Washington from anyone of decent places to buy... Would rather purchase from a more liberal shop....

  8. Good call. Will check them out.. closer to Spokane.. but.. maybe just getting mags is the first step.. although I could see that getting thrown out just like this week's rulings..

  9. Beautiful gun! I have one and want to get a full size stock to replace the original stock. Anyone have any recommendations?

  10. Do you have an underfolder like OP does or a standard furniture MAK90?

  11. Plenty of companies would make you a stock set new production. Warsaw wood co, combloc customs, etc. Shoot them some messages!

  12. Ive had one on a .22lr for some time. It’s a decent dot for the price I paid ($50 a while ago) but it’s outdated when compared to modern dots. The battery life isn’t good and the dot is larger than I prefer

  13. No real concern of damage to chamber, unless sightmark made their laser bore sight out of hardened tool steel or something

  14. It’s magazine restrictions. No magazines that carry more than 10 rounds can be transferred after July 1st

  15. I have no input other than to say they are a new company and a local company to me. They are in fact legit but just getting everything set up

  16. I got mine from the local gun shop. They have a bunch

  17. If the "full battle rattle" is what you intend on using during "battle", then yeah, you should wear it at classes.

  18. Decibels are not linear. A 3db decrease is 3 orders of magnitude decrease

  19. what about the fact that $400 hearing protection doesn’t bring you under OSHA 140 safety level?

  20. It has the bone steel brace, so it folds and acts like a stock pretty well. I’d rather have my push button Romanian wire folder but it works.

  21. “We’ve been making shit rifles for years, please buy our new forged rifles that are definitely not billet thank you”

  22. It’s a Vortex, it’s solid. I just hate the blur that I see.

  23. That’s fair. Lots of folks look at NCstar red dots and think that’s how they all work

  24. Won’t change anything now, it’ll reset his background check place with his Sheriff’s department

  25. Bug the ever-living shit out of them. Be polite, but call every few hours and inquire about the status of the check

  26. This is my though too. If a streamlight can be had for the same price, I’ll stick with streamlight

  27. I bout pooped myself when I found out how much an Olight Odin costs

  28. Femoral arteries are easier to control thanks to tourniquets, but they have to be quick asf and put them on as tight as possible. With a neck shot the poor guy hardly realized he was dead until he fell.

  29. I don’t think these guys are the tourniquet having types 😂

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