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  1. not me crying at the end & then realizing it’s ethan singing and crying again lmaooo. i’m a sucker for love

  2. I fucking love hello fresh lol. I keep a magnetic file holder on the side of my fridge and keep all of my recipe cards. I already know how to cook pretty well but HF has taught me a few things I didn’t know before! I just had the best italian soup and garlic bread last night and it was 10/10 and i’m gonna remake a huge batch this weekend for my in laws. also if something is missing or your produce isn’t super fresh they will literally give you $12 credit for a piece of garlic lol

  3. It’s pretty good for a few weeks but you can only make potato wedges so many times

  4. pick better meals i’ve gotten 19 boxes and got potato wedges once lol

  5. my personal fav combo is iridium band+ slime charmer and crabshell+ burglars

  6. lmao so not true. i’ve downvoted plenty of things i’ve found petty and stupid. I also criticize some people in the group for their fan art and I went off on someone who criticized the baby.

  7. When she did, those commenters got shunned and eaten alive for saying anything. Tps getting a big mommy pass lately and I don’t know why

  8. HUGE mommy pass. even peter monn said at least she didn’t name the baby mukbang blah blah blah

  9. Lmao this is when Hila said she let Ethan cut her hair and he accidentally did it too short, so that's when she started wearing beanies.

  10. this is what they mean by timeless! absolutely gorgeous.

  11. besides the obvious dan ian and zach my first choice would be sam because she does SO many extremely creative things and super quickly too! she’s fantastic.

  12. sorry but just because everyone realized that trisha is an awful human doesn’t make gabbie any less of an awful human herself. gabbie and trisha are two shit apples from the same shit tree. fuck em both.

  13. he looks so much like ethan that it’s fucking hilarious

  14. No where did I say I love him? If I’m honest personally I don’t like him I think he’s offensive from what Iv seen, and I think he’s stuck in the past with his jokes and despite being told multiple times what he says is wrong he doesn’t change. I also think the ‘clout’ has gone to his head and that’s the reason for all these crazy posts. But I will say I didn’t know about the young girls etc as if I’m honest Iv always skipped over his segments as I never enjoyed it even at the start.

  15. the person replying to you is talking about bobby lee, not jimmie btw. just don’t want you going around thinking jimmie is doing those things. he’s just boomer humor, bobby is the one who talked about r*ping the young girl. either way the person replying to you is taking this post way too seriously lol

  16. downvoted for calling a child pretty lmfao sometimes this sub is crazy

  17. As someone who’s lost over 50lbs the way hasan obsesses over his diet gives me the ick lol. he can do whatever he wants with his body but when I was controlling the way I ate like that (exact times, exact foods, exact calories) it made my relationship with food WORSE. now if my friends spontaneously ask me to hang out, I will eat pizza or mexican food that day and just eat better and take extra time on my walk the next day. but I digress, it’s his life. but it makes for an annoying co host (during those segments)

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