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  1. With Zfs you typically want to either expand with vdevs in the same disk configuration or upgrade all disks with the vdev for higher capacity. So either do vdevs of Raidz2 or mirrored vdevs. The latter will give you more flexibility to add in disks of two, but no parity.

  2. Oh cool, I'll check out Unraid. My biggest reason for scaling up is I haven't used all of the storeage on my current NAS (I have like 1/3 of free space left and it's not gonna be filled any time soon). I just can feel my current nas struggle with heavy file operations, and all I need is a case and power supply to start a new machine up. So the hope was to add as I needed more space.

  3. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 are the ones I've been thinking about, they reportedly have better ANC and also fit smaller ears than their predecessors. Sony XM-4 for example doesn't have a low latency mode which is a bummer.

  4. Those are on my list, my over the head ones are great when paired with my Switch. The small ear part also has my interest. Thanks kind intermet stranger.

  5. So after a bit digging around I found out that even those Sennheiser earbuds don't work in low latency mode as aptX Adaptive isn't supported by Linux due to patenting, you could of course be running Windows which probably supports it. LC3 is also out of the picture because it needs Bluetooth 5.2 and so only aptX Low Latency would work on Steam Deck right now.

  6. Ah Bluetooth audio codecs and patents, I hate them. I was curious because I don't see many aptX LL earbuds, just Adaptive.

  7. FFXIV has good controller support and run pretty well on the Deck.

  8. How does it deal with the log in screen. I might mess with xiv on the deck.

  9. Didn't think I see a video of someone shoving a fist in the hole of a horse.

  10. Steam version gives you Steam Cloud saves and remote play. You have a limited (but growing) set of Cores available through Steam but you can copy other cores into the cores folder manually. I don't think Steam version is supported by EmuDeck.

  11. Saves as in game saves, or the configuration saves?

  12. worse than that, he openly lies about Steam's practices too -- for instance he publicly stated that Valve doesn't let you sell Steam games outside of Steam which is completely untrue

  13. Wasn't he also the guy who ran out to say he supports nft or cyrpto after Valve banned games using it cuting the amount of scams?

  14. yes, he's a staunch supporter of the metaverse

  15. I'll never understand the metaverse thing. Everything I read or watch just makes me think...other games did that already.

  16. I don't get it, this picture is normally used for the you were right and now being smug meme. Which people called a shipping delay and were right.

  17. Maybe, but openly complaining about it here unconstructively makes you seem like a smug goat

  18. Got it, the people who are annoyed that AYN missed deadlines for reasons are upsetting you. Good to know.

  19. I've used it occasionally for playing YouTube or Plex instead of my phone. But even the YT app gets confused if it should be in landscape or portrait mode.

  20. Can it do forced landscape like the retroid pocket 2+? That's how I had to deal with YT [Music] messing up the screen.

  21. Hey, that’s a really nice and thoughtful opinion, I am really glad that you shared it. I feel like posts like these on this subreddit are what really makes it special. Cheers!

  22. You mean the high amount of coping being done?

  23. I have no empathy for people with disposable income that can't manage their own risk on that disposable income and then make it a point to whinge about it to the internet.

  24. I would agree with you except a few things

  25. It looks unintentional, but "cwordfunding" is really funny! :)

  26. I mean outside of the cost/performance these devices aren't doing anything I would say is amazing. Which makes it interesting why they are having issues with something that other companies has put out.

  27. If you use a launcher like Launchbox or one of the others, I don’t think you’ll find Android too much. Plus it’s nice to be able to quickly switch over to YouTube if you need a walkthrough guide or open up a web browser to download something. I personally really enjoy having android on it.

  28. Picture in Picture with plex or youtube would be a fun feature tbh.

  29. You are entitled to your opinion.

  30. I mean...America in the 80s had no problems selling arms to terrorists. So kinda on brand.

  31. I mean so what if she says she hates America, she's American and deserves to have her country fight for her and safety. Relax kids

  32. That kinda is part of the freedom of speech I thought we are so proud of. I guess it only applies when we praise America blindly. Because Imma be honest, we aren't perfect.

  33. When I drove through the deep south there was at least one church I swear every block. Ironically, I felt like I was in hell.

  34. I live in a triangle of churches with in a city block from me.

  35. I used this same example with my conservative super-religious FIL.

  36. Honestly the only ads I agree with are those that encourage people to go out and vote and do research on their candidates. People can already find sources that have information for whose running on your ballot.

  37. Here is a simple ad I can get behind. Hi, I'm X and my info can be find at this website.

  38. They live rent free in their heads lol.

  39. Not mine, saw it here and didn't see it on this sub yet

  40. Yeah the pink won me over, but I really dislike the placement of start and stop. Depending on how powerful it is, I might consider getting it.

  41. I would throw a hat in for A.I. Love You.

  42. Took me a second to realize this wasn't Ranma 1/2

  43. People can not like a game that is popular, also people can like a game that isn't popular.

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