1. No questionable tags? Love that!! Team is getting healthy at the right time!

  2. I really really really hope the Lions resign him.

  3. Lmao didn’t he get ejected for this? Got that dawg in him though

  4. So we give up the 3rd pick the 13th pick, next year’s 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd, a 4th and a 6th to move up one spot and a 4th round pick? That’s egregious no GM would ever do that. Giving up the two firsts this year alone already sounds like an overpay.

  5. Reminds me of Kyle Vanoy where I think we got a 6th rounder for. Unless I've got the wrong LB

  6. No that’s right, but it was for a 7th. He was a 2nd round pick for us that didn’t fit into our defense and became a pro bowler caliber player for the pats.

  7. I like our chances against anyone if Dan Skipper and random-RG-making-first-start-ever aren’t getting Jared and Jamaal killed

  8. Getting Jonah back will be huge but I haven't seen an update on Evan Brown yet.

  9. There are 2 NFL players that have ran 23 MPH in a game since they started using those trackers. Tyrek Hill holds the record at 23.24 mph, which he ran in 2016.. If Jamo can get that speed back, he is going to torch the league!! He is also a good route runner, so he will be able to use the speed on more than go routes.

  10. Tyreek ran a 4.29 40, who is the other player to reach 24 mph?

  11. Makes sense, his 40 was a good guess for Jamo would be somewhere in the 4.29-4.38 range. Anywhere between those two numbers is E L I T E

  12. This is why you have depth in the NFL. I wish Harris the best for next year, this one is basically a lost season. Hopefully Romeo can be back soon and in the mean time start giving Houston a few more reps on pass rushing downs.

  13. I think hutch and Harris would start with paschal, cominsky and Romeo/Julian all working their way in. Especially with paschal and cominsky being able to play inside we may get packages with hutch, cominsky, paschal and Romeo/Harris.

  14. I have a bad feeling that Jamal Williams will be on a different team next year. His price tag is gonna be inflated by all the TDs

  15. This staff loves him and i think he likes it here too i wouldn’t be surprised if they bring him back on a 1-2 year deal.

  16. Seems like he’s been relegated to guard 7 in the rotation. Top 4 guards were out and he didn’t play a snap

  17. People who are mad are the people who can’t handle a rebuild. I’m not really quite sure how they can’t handle a rebuild considering we’ve had perpetually been in a “rebuild” since the 90s save for a few decent years.

  18. Definitely agree. In the off-season no one realistically expected a playoff bid or 10+ wins. If we finish with 6-8 wins that’s essentially where we thought we’d be. Started the year 1-6 and honestly that’s understandable, you want the team to be playing their best football in December/January not September. That’s how you win in the playoffs.

  19. I swear Tony hates the lions every time he calls the game he can’t get the other teams dick out of his mouth

  20. Not a throw away at all but doesn’t make sense to push him out there if Chark and Reynolds are active. Week 13 seems more likely

  21. It'll be real big for the Lions d-line if Morse is out, hes their best lineman. Defensively they got some stars still, Von Miller, Matt Milano...but it does bode well for us that 2 of their top pass rushers likely will miss.

  22. Not when it’s a concussion just no time to properly clear protocols by Thursday

  23. We are playing the bills at the best time possibly. Coming off a 3 game streak and they are 1-2 in their last 3 with a less then 100% Josh Allen. If we force him to turn the ball over there's a shot we pull off the upset.

  24. It definitely seems like the staff has lost confidence in him recently and its not hard to see why. He's not hitting the holes and avoiding contact when possible. But they also have sung the praises of him all year prior to the injury, and that wasn't just for his psyche, hes an insanely talented player.

  25. I do not want Amani back. We can run with Jeff, Jerry and whatever rookies/FAs after that.

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