1. Batting .213 with 9 hrs that’s a top 3 hitter on this team. I’d definitely say scoop him up, what do we have to lose?

  2. What is worse they made Cersei competent and humble enough to actually try to pay them back in the first place. She literally laughs them off and tells them she is too good to pay back her loans to some peasant bankers. They fucked up big time by not bringing fAegon into the plot and making Cersei the big bad

  3. A Lannister always repays their debts

  4. In the last 10 years, Swift is easily the second best second round pick the Lions have had. Most of them have just sucked ass or underperformed compared to expectation.

  5. Is number 1 slay? Honestly can’t remember who all we drafted in the 2nd round except for all the busts

  6. So not a believer in Levi and Alim? I don’t necessarily believe in them but I think they’ll be better for sure with a little extra help on the ends. Gone are the glory days of suh and fairley

  7. Well Alim is mainly a NT so he was some what limited in play time last year, not sure if they plan to incorporate more on his plate this year, but i think he certainly showed enough potential to warrant that. Levi is injured again this training camp, hopefully he can recover because these are valuable reps given he struggled/was injured all of last year. But the interior depth is awfully thin after those two and Brockers.

  8. I don't have espn plus, what was their explanation? Do they not know a thing about lions football? Or do they just expect the entire line to get injured?

  9. Damn the Bengals were in the SB and are 8th. Packers seem overrated too, and browns especially if they’re without Watson. I think 25th is fair…we may easily finish above Washington and NYJ but it’s preseason and we won 3.5 games last year so no we’ll have to prove it first.

  10. God damn i miss this offense. Even just seeing this lineup reminds me how delusional we were this off-season thinking these guys would be a good offense. Avila(or whoever his replacement may be) needs to shell out for a few more FAs this year if we even have a pipe dream of being competitive.

  11. Not re-signing prater is a move i still don’t quite understand from this regime. Hopefully Patterson can be our guy he started out quite well last year.

  12. Yes but it still doesn’t excuse this year

  13. I think most people will say Sunday ticket. I looked into it just last week, if you or someone you know is a student, the student pricing is about $200 cheaper (at least in my area, not sure if it changes based on location).

  14. Kool aid is fully flowing so let’s go 10-7

  15. How is Chafin still in Detroit? That’s the most puzzling part. I’m not all that surprised Soto stuck around.

  16. For what it’s worth, this guy says he’s a decent prospect with a great slider (sounds like an Avila guy).

  17. 24 years old and just barely made AA where he now has a 7 ERA and isn't even in Minnesota's top 30 prospects, and their farm sucks which really says something

  18. Yeah pretty disappointing this guy isn’t even a top 30 prospect, felt like we basically gave Fulmer away…

  19. Whoop there it is. Just wish it didn’t have to be a division rival!

  20. He's doing what he always does. Sets a high price, doesn't budge, then either takes whatever offer is out there at the last second or nothing gets done. It's pretty clear he doesn't know how to negotiate properly.

  21. Idk if this is what he does though, we got scraps for JD Martinez because he was determined to move him no matter whay

  22. He said that himself after the game yesterday. But I’d wait until later today for him to get fully evaluated.

  23. Might as well see what we have for next year and if we need to bring in any OFs in FA

  24. Left shoulder fatigue according to DD

  25. I’m fine with trading a few bullpen arms on short term deals (Fulmer, Chafin) but i don’t see why you’d trade Soto or any player with years of team control left. I get it if you’re blown away by the offer but this team is supposed to be done rebuilding so trading away the played one the team who are actually good doesn’t sound like it helps you in 2023.

  26. I feel like Chafin may not be a good move for an AL team that may have to play the Jays in the playoffs…Mets would make a lot of sense though i think.

  27. Damn Derek hill era over. Hope he clears i liked him he just could never stay healthy.

  28. If Skubal and Fulmer go to the Jays the starting point should be Moreno, imo.

  29. I agree. Given how much team control he still has the price has to be steep. But even with Moreno in Detroit I’d be so sad watching Skubal dominate with Toronto for years.

  30. My take: We need Greene, Tork, Baez, and Meadows to be good.

  31. Schoop has a player opt out but given the way he’s played this year he likely won’t take it. I think given his track record you gotta hope he progresses to the mean. But regardless i think the tigers need to bring in a good infield FA and let them all battle it out in spring to set up the infield.

  32. I mean they’re kind of battling for 3rd/4th OF. And i think a right handed corner outfield free agent could be on the shipping list this offseason. Which means Reyes/Baddoo are essentially battling for OF4 and 5. But if we keep either or both Castros we likely will only keep 4 OFs. Honestly i have a hard time seeing Baddoo make the team unless he shows significant improvements through the end of this year and next spring.

  33. I promise you no serious contender wants a 39 year old DH only, who’s got no power and is getting paid $30 mil a year. He’s valuable to the tigers sure, timely hitting with men on base but he’s essentially a singles hitter now.

  34. The most confusing part about this whole story is Crosby claiming the previous regime treated players better than the current one. I just can’t believe that.

  35. If you think that’s bad you should see what Lucas took from Dune.

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