1. Handing Tennessee the L in Nashville in 2018 so we could go bowling and they couldn’t was so much fun. 5-5 in the past 10 years and we’re on the upswing while they’re… doing whatever it is that they’re doing. Excited for next year.

  2. Idk if you’ve seen but Tennessee has been on the upswing pretty good this last season

  3. I’m with you on that. Extremely tired and unfunny there. Worse than most sports subs. I’m a big Vols fan and it’s insufferable over there. Mods are especially bad too.

  4. Why do so many Braves aces flame out so quickly? Tommy Hanson, Jair Jurrjens, Kris Medlen, Julio Teheran, Shelby Miller, Mike Foltynewicz, and Mike Soroka all had one or two elite seasons before regressing significantly and/or getting injured.

  5. Most of those are stories of just constant injuries which happens a lot to young pitchers. Although I will say Julio Teheran pitched 1,334 innings with the Braves and posted a 3.64 ERA in that time. He was a lot better than people gave him credit for.

  6. Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton are the only modern country music that exist to my knowledge.

  7. Lmfao I gotta say I’ve never heard the phrase hickhop before but I love it

  8. Basketball and baseball have recently been decided in favor of burnt orange UT, guess we'll find out about football soon

  9. I think one big problem with "tshirt fans" that it's very easy for them to think of the university as just a sports team instead of an entire institute of higher learning. Like sometimes on Nebraska message boards you'll see somebody wonder why Warren Buffett isn't a big donor because he doesn't donate to the athletic department, but he does donate a ton to other parts of the University of Nebraska. They just don't know that because sports is the only thing they care about.

  10. This is an annoying thing I’ve seen with a lot of Tennessee sports fans. They forget it’s an actual University and demand all sorts of changes to the admin of the entire college because Jeremy Pruitt had a bad season or something. It’s weird and annoying.

  11. Has it been decided who gets to claim "UT"? We can't have two of them going around in the same conference

  12. The University of Tennessee is a full 87 years older than the University of Texas so I think we’ve been there for a while longer

  13. What is the story behind casting that man? I need to know the process and how they rehearsed with him.

  14. There was a raffle or donation thing for college humor. If you won or donated the most you got to be in the video and this rabbi won and did a great job lol

  15. I think UK would be over Vandy, Vol twitter and fan based would riot if we had to play Candy year in and year out

  16. Vandy would demand the Vols and they’d get it. First an in state game is good for the Vols anyway and Vandy gets a lot of money from that game. It works out for everyone even if the football isn’t very compelling

  17. Kiffen, Jones, and Pruitt for sure all ended very messy. Dooley is an honorable mention for just being terrible in general.

  18. Dooley is a nice guy. I still like him despite how bad he was as an HC. Pruitt and Butch were clowns though. Would never like to see them step foot on campus again.

  19. Why? What about the freedom? I agree with the bans, I just don't understand why there is no people protesting for the freedom to smoke wherever they want.

  20. Because cigarette smell like shit and are unhealthy to people around you. People have a right to not breathe in cigarette smoke.

  21. How popular is it in the US if you only count people who can speak English?

  22. Now that I've seen everything so many times, I feel like the episodes with that camera quality in between when they first started and when they ended is best. Im thinking camera quality like World Cup or Food Poisoning

  23. Episodes like Hygiene or Triathalone are where it was best. The period where Amir was weird and stupid but not quite malicious like he becomes later on. And Jake isn't just openly hateful of Amir but more bewildered.

  24. All paradox games have the same problem. The Ai Will make 8 trillion different tiny armies/navies and lag out the game. Only way to stop it is through mods or just killing them.

  25. Hi OP, everyone in here seems to think redneck originated with sunburns, but it didn’t. If I find a long explanation I’ll post it. Effectively think red bandanas and organizing, particularly in mining country in West Virginia over a century ago. People have been generally correct about its contemporary usage even if they’ve accepted a folk explanation as to its origins though.

  26. This would make sense if the word wasn’t nearly a hundred years older than that. It pops up for the first time in 1831.

  27. A real redneck is someone who fought to unionize coal mines in West Virginia. They wore red bandanas around their neck or tied to their gun barrels. It has devolved to mean a country person now. Usually a slur. A stereotypical redneck chews Copenhagen or grizzly, deuces a big truck, wears camo shit, worn out jeans, boots, goes muddin’, roals coal, and has sex with family members. Their own.

  28. The word redneck is a good deal older than the state of West Virginia itself. Doesn’t come from that.

  29. Their*. What usually bothers us is that we consider ourselves Americans too. So refering to yourself as American is a bit like disregarding all of the other countries that make part of America (the continent) too. But most rational people will get that that’s just how english works. Although in spanish we would normally never refer to you as “americanos”. We usually say “gringos”, “yankees” or, if you have the patience (cause it’s a mothful), “estadounidense”

  30. Do Chileans actually call themselves Americans though? I’m from Argentina and have lived a good amount of time there. Literally never heard to someone refer to themselves as “American”. Just doesn’t happen.

  31. Pretty sure Pitt is getting Slovis from the portal and returning a lot of their offensive AND defensive starters. They won’t fall off as much as you think.

  32. Were also not going to be running Joe Milton out there so we’ll have massively improved at QB relative to the last game

  33. I think that was the joke - one of the few people who remembered them had such awful taste that Octopus' Garden was a highlight for them.

  34. I love that song. Love the lyrics too. Just a nice happy song. Good tune and creative. Far better than Ringo’s other song (don’t pass me by and it is terrible)

  35. I don't make 200k/yr and I have two kids in college. I'm very comfortable financially.

  36. Living in Spain sounds good. Trying to get a job in Spain does not sound so good.

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