1. All you've got os your noise and Munich

  2. And affordable tickets. And great atmosphere. And safe standing. And cheap beer. Beer btw. And Bratwurst

  3. Thought this game was at 5:30 ffs missed the first 20mins

  4. Wait you’re not in Germany? Or why the different timezone

  5. I just know the moment we loan him out, we're gonna have like three injuries

  6. The scenes when hertha hijacks this deal

  7. They have like four more games before playing Bayern lol

  8. How have Bayern dropped so many points since the break and how have we capitalised every time. What is this

  9. I hope everyone around the top 5 or 6 can keep it up so we have an interesting finish

  10. I Hope one Team does not and we slide into Europe somehow 😜 thanks mate

  11. Seems like the owners are very much liked in wrexham?

  12. "Wir sind froh Fredi Bobic wieder in Stuttgart begrüssen zu dürfen und ihn als neuen Sportvorstand vorzustellen. Fredi ist ein waschechter Stuttgarter Junge und er kennt den Klub und auch unseren Cheftrainer Bruno Labbadia, mit dem er damals schon grosse Erfolge feiern konnte."

  13. Bundesliga also has some of the best clubs who give fans far more priority!

  14. С 80х где то, так как он евреи, брат бабушки переехал, а бабушка осталась тут в СПб. Я вот че то так и не навещал, только они сюда приезжали. Надо бы после войны сгонять

  15. Верно, если вдруг сюда приедешь, напиши, посмотрим Бундеслигу вместе

  16. He’s been the only bright spot of an otherwise uninspiring Colombia team. I had the chance to watch the Game against Peru at the stadium and was impressed by his movement off the ball and vision.

  17. So all neutrals are here to see both teams fight innit

  18. The commentator at yesterday's game said that the scene had been checked again and that it had been "an optical illusion". He apparently did not refuse the handshake. Also nothing of it is to be read today. And normally, the tabloids in particular like to pick up on such topics.

  19. Okay, that’s good. We don’t need drama right now

  20. he didn’t deny the handshake, lindemann ist just terrible at observing

  21. You can only blame yourselves Mainz, you had enough chances

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