1. I feel like an underrated part of that record is that they had the legendary Emmylou Harris singing back up vocals on three songs, Landlocked Blues being the best of them IMO. I rate I’m Wide Awake and Cassadaga as my two favorite BE records, I’m a sucker for the folky stuff, but love their whole catalog.

  2. I agree! I think where people get divided really comes down to - what do you listen to when you’re not listening to bright eyes? All of their albums are so unique in their own ways. I really love folk music so I like their folk focused stuff. I wonder if people who like more emo focus like their older stuff. And people who like more classical types of rock music or even punk music like their newer stuff more. Listening to bright eyes definitely opened my eyes up to other genres of music when I was young.

  3. Couldn’t agree more — came into Bright Eyes when I started getting into emo. Grew up into a really big folk/jam band fan, but I find something to love in almost any genre (except that bud light/big truck country bullshit) and I think a lot of that is because of how much variety Bright Eyes and Conor brought to their music in my younger years.

  4. You know what a bunch of people have told me to get into John prime and recently I’ve been trying to get into his music. He’s just a little more country than I’m used to, but what I listen to isn’t so far away from that. I also really love the band, the guess who, jim Croce. I’ll look into your other recommendation too! I love getting into new music

  5. When I tell people I’m a therapist they assume massage therapist or physical therapist. I’m like no, the head kind.

  6. Yeahhhh, I’m not complaining, but this should have all been relegated to one thread. Are there no active mods on this subreddit?

  7. I agree having it all in one thread would have been nice. I don’t mind seeing what people think. And it’s prompted some great conversations in the comments. But it’s a lot on the sub page.

  8. Wow this is so cool! What year is this from? Conor looks like such a fresh faced youth here

  9. Pretty sure the "MI" part is supposed to be a heart with an exclamation point, the the next part is his signature. I've seen him sign that before. But like most things in life, I could be wrong.

  10. Oooo that’s really cool! After I posted this is also saw another post where his signature also looked like this. I’d like to think that you’re right on this that it’s a heart, an exclamation point, and his name.

  11. Whisper of the heart. The scene where Mr Nishi gives her the geode and tells her she has to dig down deep within herself and she responds with “but what if I’m just a rock?”

  12. I know, it’s such a gem! I know it’s the most played, but I think for good reason. This album really had a big influence on my life when it came out.

  13. On god each song was from the peak of his creative talents. It’s the most bright eyes bright eyes album

  14. You know I will say every time I hear a new album of his I’m like “this is it, this is the best one” but I honestly think his music keeps getting better and better. Which makes sense, he’s still growing and learning. And i keep growing older so i feel like I’m growing with the music. 42 isn’t really old and he has so much potential to keep producing amazing music.

  15. I heard this today. I was like who ever said they do that? Literally no one I’ve ever heard

  16. It looks less pixelated on my phone :( maybe when I get home later I can try an upload a full-res version

  17. When I was in Omaha last year I went to Pageturners. Conor was there and was nice enough to shake my hand and chat with me for a bit. It turned a very dark trip into something special but very bittersweet, and I’ll cherish that memory forever

  18. Ah this is so cool! I bet he hangs out there all the time when he’s not touring or in LA. Would be so cool to run into him

  19. It was such a surreal experience! I was there for my best friends funeral, decided getting drunk was probably what I needed at the time and went there to accomplish that mission. It was a slightly awkward meeting as we were both too far gone but I had to at least say “hey, thank you for being a beautiful soul and creating beautiful music to share.”

  20. I love that! I had the pleasure of meeting him at a show last week and I was sort of star struck and I just kept saying “thank you” over and over again and couldn’t actually articulate what I wanted to say. Maybe I’ll meet him again one day and my communication will be a little more functional lol

  21. Hey, unfortunately I can’t say I know of any mainstream places that serves them, so you might have to DIY it. Even the few vegan restaurants I’ve visited in the US I haven’t seen them that often, but they’re seemingly very common at vegan spots in the rest of the world.

  22. I also would love to try COTW. I see people on the mycology sub praise them as especially tasty and so I’ve been interested to try them.

  23. Wow this looks amazing, everything sounds so good. But I’m not big on mushrooms, I wish I was but I just have never found one I’ve liked. Is this something a non mushroom eater would still enjoy?

  24. The mystic valley band and desaparacidos are great too! I need to get payola but I bought read music speak Spanish at my local store. I’ve just started collecting records this year too. I don’t have any of the studio albums except fevers and mirrors, letting off happiness and a collection of songs that I preordered and should be here next month since they’re repressing all of them. Oh and I got wide awake from vinyl me. I’m excited for them to re release all the others though.

  25. I also got the rerelease of wide awake from vinyl me! My current pressing skips on a few tracks and that kills me so I was like well might as well get the fancy pressing!

  26. Bowie, The Cure, Morrissey/Smiths are the other artists I specifically have like 25+ releases from. The only Bowie I don't have is Buddha and BT/WN(which will be remedied when they get a proper repress in august), The only Cure stuff I don't have are weird bootlegs and singles at this point(which includes an original bloodflowersand the last two albums which are getting harder to come by. I have ogs of every Smiths release and of Moz I'm missing ringleader, southpaw and a couple loose odds and ends. I've been collecting since the early 00s.

  27. Great collection! I love the smiths too but the only one I have from them yet is the queen is dead (I had to get this as my first record of theirs!)

  28. How do they determine what goes on the playlist? The collection it gave me is so weird lol not necessarily even songs I’ve listened to very much. It feels so random.

  29. Awesome. But folks sleep on Ruminations too much. I would add.

  30. This is awesome! Don’t forget the mystic valley band! Although their first album from 2008 (starts with cape canaveral) is sorted as a solo Conor album it’s actually from when he recorded with mystic valley band. One of my faves used to listen to it on the way to HS in my friends mustang. And we’d rev at the four way stops. Not really…but maybe we did. I can’t remember

  31. Cassadaga, C? Have you hit your head?

  32. There’s probably no c or d for me 😂

  33. For sure! I’d even have a tough time with a B category. But if I had to break everything into three categories I’d go S. Lifted, wide awake, cassadaga, peoples key, down in the weeds. A. Collection of songs, fevers and mirrors, digital ash. B. LOTH, Christmas album, noise floor. I’d also put Oh Holy Fools here too as although it’s a mixed group album, I really love the bright eyes songs on there. No C or D for me.

  34. I’ve got a decent video I’ll upload in the morning, was a great performance and good crowd.

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