1. Someone go check Nickyboi, I believe he is going to have an heartattack

  2. They're screaming for help, but Riot keeps pumping them with Epic skins, it's so sad

  3. I feel like we need multiple ASU’s annually. They don’t care because it doesn’t make them money but it isn’t cool.

  4. Didn’t pay attention to her that much before but after I saw this splash art I thought, β€œhas she been this cute?” Started checking all her other splash arts and indeed she has been this cute. Really beautiful champion

  5. Yea, no, I'm sorry but I'm done with LB epic skins. Until they give her an ASU or a Legendary I ain't getting any more skins for her crusty ass model, as much as I love her.

  6. She's so old, she's popular, and she has never gotten a Legendary while some younger champions have 3 already. Make it make sense

  7. The way they sleep on iconic queens like LeBlanc and Lissandra… 😀

  8. That guy with a bat,he is afraid,why? Because he can't possibly understand the greatness of 3 honors malzahar,he is not only the void prophet,he is the void message,he is the void,so fear not man with a bat,soon enough you will join us, like all do

  9. For real! This is 100x better than the grey Warwick and whatever twitch skin we had

  10. So true! Even with token skins, they should at least have 1 for each role. Just WW and Twitch is unfair to support, mid and top laners who get honour 5!

  11. Jesus Christ another skin already? Isn't this like her 5th one this year??

  12. it's her best skinnn 😭😭😭 i'm dying

  13. This neeko skin is the best skin released in awhile!

  14. Are y’all excited for these skins or do y’all prefer the Fright Night skins as being more suitable for Halloween? πŸ‘»

  15. Batnivia baby, best in the skinline because they couldn’t put her in a sexy witch outfit


  17. it's weird i don't find this splash to be her best for my taste, The In game Model tho... Those effects are Easily my favorites.

  18. I don’t think anything. can beat spirit blossom

  19. Wishing he had gotten even a slight design update, like how both Yi and Jax had gotten with their releases. But since he didn’t, he continues to look out of place compared to the other Darkin.

  20. Are y’all excited to finally see Varus in Legends of Runeterra? πŸ€”

  21. Something about aatrox looking human doesn't feel right, but for the rest is really good yeah, a pretty cool concept

  22. This will be the best Christmas ever

  23. This emote is so pretty! I am so happy we got it for all servers!

  24. I keep throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening 😭

  25. I had mentioned it in the comments but no one noticed 😭

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