1. I kind of wanted him outside of the Big Ten but I will certainly be rooting for him there.

  2. I’m using the language of the prosecutor and you’re being extremely petty.

  3. It does not materially change the circumstances, but I did edit higher up in my comment.

  4. He went to law school at Michigan and his

  5. Was he the one that brought down the charges on the 7 MSU players? It feels like the charges are appropriate but I’m sure their lawyers are going to make a point to bring up his affiliation in court, claiming bias or partiality to reduce the charges

  6. Yes, it is the same prosecutor.

  7. Our family is fairly split between Notre Dame/Michigan. At our annual summer BBQ the consensus of my ND family was that, with USC joining the Big Ten, Notre Dame should too.

  8. Recency bias but wasn’t TCU picked to finish like 7th in the Big 12 this year?

  9. I believe it’s because the playoff was already going to expand in 2026 when the current agreement expires, people are just trying to move it along faster.

  10. Why is it that every single time college football evolves, it's the Rose Bowl that's the last one that gets dragged kicking and screaming into the future?

  11. “Granddaddy of them all” big emphasis on granddaddy. The Rose Bowl used to be the most prestigious bowl in CFB and as the landscape has shifted over time it has become less important. They drag their feet because they don’t want to be any less important than they currently are.

  12. I moved my car out of my driveway and in front of my neighbor’s house (public street parking, no permit or anything) for the weekend while some friends visited so they could park in our driveway.

  13. In the first CFP rankings, Clemson was ranked 4 and Michigan was ranked 5. It caused a lot of back and forth between those who thought Michigan should’ve been 4 and those who thought Clemson should’ve been 4.

  14. OSU didn’t even offer him though, so the headline is a bit misleading.

  15. “If you take away all the good things Michigan did, they weren’t that good!” Mostly I jest of course.

  16. Don't forget that we had a fake punt go wrong where the ball was snapped to the punter instead of the fullback who had a wide open running lane for 15-20yd gain. We did not play perfect and you guys played very well. Not trying to take anything away from you guys but honestly how we lost hurts less than last year cause it was big plays rather than grinded out. Of the ~200yds rushing you had 2nd half 160 came on two plays. Obviously that isn't good but it is easier to shore up than getting grinded out.

  17. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that if OSU gets that fake off correctly the game is different, that would’ve been a first down, possibly a lot more - the lane was there. Harbaugh even noted we got lucky there because though they had practiced for a fake, nobody caught what OSU was trying to do there so we didn’t have the personnel on the field we would’ve liked to.

  18. I’d say it’s been pretty successful for Penn State.

  19. Had to appease the slave states who feared a capital too far north would be sympathetic to abolitionists.

  20. Smh citing the National Constitution Center instead of "The Room Where It Happens"

  21. I should’ve just included “see Hamilton” for sure.

  22. As far as I know there were no repercussions and I wasn't able to find anything about the conversation regarding minimum health and safety standards for visiting team locker rooms.

  23. {Michigan} because it is the team I root for.

  24. I still think Illinois is better than you.

  25. The sickos demand another 9OT PSU/Illinois game!

  26. Is this Ryan Day's burner account?

  27. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of that baker anyway, so what is the problem?

  28. In person it’s either last year’s win over OSU in Ann Arbor (the field rushing, etc.) or the first Under the Lights game against Notre Dame.

  29. Cade would be a good fit at Iowa I would think. I’d prefer he be out of the Big Ten so I could root for him more easily, but Iowa’s pretty cool. Plus we got Jake Rudock from Iowa.

  30. So suddenly this award goes to the best coach again? Not saying it isn’t deserved but for years this was the “did more with less” award

  31. Not many coaches “did more with less” this year though.

  32. Michigan and USC in the Rose Bowl, but as a semifinal. I would absolutely love that.

  33. We were supposed to go to Eugene too, and it really sucked not getting to go. Did we purposely schedule our home-and-homes with Washington and Oregon at the same time?

  34. I believe it was when the conferences were trying to set up a Big Ten/PAC-12 challenge weekend.

  35. My only complaint is that if Corum had been able to replicate Donovan Edwards' numbers (22 carries for 263 yards and 2 TDs, one being 75 yards, the other being 85 yards) , he could've won the Heisman. I feel so bad about his injury against Illinois. I hope he's ready to go this week and in the playoff.

  36. I’m not sure if we are still considered in contention, but either TCU or USC would be fine.

  37. In my opinion, OSU is 100% in contention. If one of TCU/USC lose their championship game I can see OSU as the #4.

  38. If I wasn't a Michigan fan, it would probably be TCU.

  39. Who copied the Bills who copied Tennessee etc. that’s… kind of how the internet works. Memes are shared, edited, and spread, no?

  40. Most of it can be found on @TCUFootball because this a blatant copy

  41. Didn’t the Bills do it first (October 3 for them va October 15 for TCU)?

  42. Utah, Oregon, and Washington ended their PAC-12 seasons tied with a 7-2 record. The tie-breaking procedures went to step 4 which is strength of schedule.

  43. The CFP committee must simply correct the grave injustice AP voters have inflicted on Purdue.

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