1. True, but also when’s if I was like “No, I don’t want chicken for dinner!” to my parents and then they made chicken, if I came im like “Wtf, you made chicken?” I would be in serious trouble like realistically I’m gonna eat it

  2. I feel like it’s more about him not wanting anyone to fuss over her or make her feel uncomfortable. I think he’s actually mildly amused by their effort but also a little embarrassed. It’s an awkward situation and they’re all just navigating it the best they can.

  3. Misha Panfilov Sound Combo. The Days as Echoes album is 🤌🏼

  4. People lack empathy and want to be seen. It sucks.

  5. Mid-Atlantic, somewhere between New Jersey and North Carolina. Not so far north to be too close to Bromwell & Boston in the northeast, but not so far south to be undrivable in a day. Also, it has to be somewhere that gets hurricanes and it never seems to snow much in Lawndale, so it's probably not very far north. I'm leaning towards New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

  6. Good call. Where do you think their mountain field trip could have taken place?

  7. I always assumed Texas, as Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill are set there.

  8. Well they definitely move from Highland, Texas to their new town.

  9. She may need mental stimulation even more than physical. Try some toys that are intriguing to her and more like puzzles. I love the tennis tumbler from Wild One. Also maybe look into CBD with your vet.

  10. Definitely. Times seem so much simpler before the internet and social media really took off.

  11. Hate to say if but this is totally normal with PMDD. Just let the wave pass and know you’ll be back to normal soon. 🤍 Sending love.

  12. Tampons are not "unnatural" any more than underwear, vibrators, or condoms are.

  13. What’s your point? I’m personally exploring other feminine care products.

  14. Good! Do what's right for you. But broadly saying something is "unnatural" is shamey, which I'm sure you didn't intend.

  15. I would never shame someone for their bodily choices. I’m having a revelation in real time and externally processing the fact that I myself have used tampons, vibrators and condoms for many many years without thinking about the possibility of them harming me.

  16. By knowing my worth and not settling in the slightest.

  17. You could also sue them for creating a hostile workplace.

  18. So many similarities but ISFJ is more pragmatic, steady and traditional.

  19. I’m a Sagittarius ☀️, Taurus 🌙, Cancer ⬆️and my boyfriend is a Virgo ☀️, Scorpio 🌙, Sagittarius ⬆️. He’s the love of my life. We balance each other out really well. I draw him out of his hermit shell and he anchors me.

  20. Relatable. I’m also unable to tolerate birth control and SSRIs. Horrible side effects. The past couple of months have been tough and I haven’t known what to do. My PMDD symptoms went into overdrive after having my uterine lining shaved (for my extremely heavy periods). Super weird.

  21. I can't BELIEVE how far I had to scroll to find the correct answer, thank you

  22. As a creator I can’t avoid it. But I wish I didn’t have to use anything. I wish I didn’t need to have a phone at all.

  23. Exactly. The only person who saw was Bella and one person witnessing an incident isn’t enough.

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