1. We had something similar recently. Went into negotiations with a vendor, offered them 10K below asking and settlement in 3 weeks due to them moving over seas. We offered to buy their fridge and dining table to save them trying to ship/sell. Husband agreed but had to get his wife (already in aus) to sign off. Took 2 days to get an answer then they came back with a counter offer of 5K OVER the asking price and said they would sell us the fridge and dining table also. We declined and said our original offer is our final offer we need an answer in 24hrs or we withdraw. Agent kept pulling weird shit like saying repeating the figure I was offering but adding 2K or 5K and when I corrected him he would laugh and say okay sorry bro but then do it again.

  2. Uuuugh that is the definition of a time waster right there! Sorry you guys had to go through all of that drama.. has the agent / vendor come back to you after changing their mind or do you think the deal is dead now?

  3. We had the same thing happen. Highest bid at auction. Over what the indicated price would be. Turned out the vendor had already done a deal to swap properties with someone else and was using the auction to find out what the market value was. Even the agent was blindsided.

  4. Wow I’m so sorry that happened to you. Such an annoying and grimey way to operate

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  6. Hey there!!! This is awesome I was wondering if you had a portfolio of some of your other work? I have a project I’m working on and would be great to see more of your stuff!!!

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