1. The Santander bank was the most surprising to me tbh

  2. Grass crest shield + Chloranthy Ring (+2) my beloved

  3. Is this the gun used to assassinate the funny japanese have sex guy?

  4. Remember that our familiars are not actually animals but simply spirits taking the form of an animal so don't worry too much about where you send it (as long as it's not too dangerous). If it's an imp taking the form of a rat you could even banish it to one of the layers of hell and it would feel right at home (might even see it as a vacation).

  5. Is it safe to assume my wired Xm1 with a 3389 performs equal to the other 1000hz mice?

  6. probably safe to say it would be around the same as the zowie mouse in this test. maybe a 0.1-0.2ms difference but nothing that should be noticeable

  7. I'm going to assume you're using a viper v2 or deathadder v3 here because of the dpi number.

  8. Tbf, I don’t think being trans would affect you being bisexual at all

  9. I think they're saying they're straight normally and straight+ trans when high though

  10. For apex specifically you can actually set your sens to that number if you open the config file and enter it manually.

  11. If the spill isn't too big prestidigitation should work but for a larger spill i would recommend some hydrogen peroxide

  12. Is that some of this human magic called "chemistry"? Never heard of a potion or speell called hydrogen peroxide.

  13. it's a basic alchemy component. Have you never heard of it before? did nobody ever teach you how to brew a potion of cloudwalking?

  14. It's something that would be interesting to see for sure but how it's implemented is going to be very important. I'd like to see something like a grenade that after hitting the ground sucks up the smokes and permanently disables them (destroys part of a pre placed viper wall/orb). It wouldn't even have to be limited to smokes and could maybe also clear kj nades/cypher traps or something similar.

  15. This is not razer. Viper mini has not been discontinued and the reseller is just charging too much

  16. This is actually one of the few scenarios where aimlabs is actually useful. Also 3200 0.333 is still very high. For reference most players sit between the 200 and 400 edpi range (0.125-0.063 at your dpi)

  17. How is the town inside me not on there yet?

  18. It's not new just not commonly used as a main switch. Prime used it for side buttons among some other mice.

  19. Black because it's healthy and red because I'll be having them anyway

  20. Wait what does it always use the first bone now instead of the one you click?

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