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  1. Have to now translate it into Spanish to be really cool, though.

  2. Hahaha, that's the one that got me as well.

  3. You ever meet anybody who said "Hey, I don't like no parfaits", parfaits are delicious!

  4. babe in the pink headband? that’s marguerite

  5. I think he means Alvina, but look out for Bill.

  6. Ray sold it to get his liquor money. Scraaaap metaaaal.

  7. "You be careful, those damn cigarettes in there is our lives. And for fuck sakes man take a shower, you look like a fucking hobalo"

  8. And I thought I knew it all. Rookie mistake by a veteran lol, thank you for the correction!

  9. LOL forgot about this, hands down the best president, from a Canadian perspective, I could be wrong🤣

  10. The world needs more cenas. Such a humble, caring human.

  11. I took the same selfie during that mission lol, classic Arthur.

  12. I definitely see the influences in the game from this film and a few others

  13. Yeah, I mean I guess it's hard to come up with different plot lines that aren't a direct pull from a source. The 1800's were pretty simple times. Funniest adaptation being A Million Ways to Die in the West imo.

  14. A million ways to die in the west does not get talked about enough. Movie was fucking hilarious. Liam Neeson and Charlize Theoron both were top billing and the movie still doesn’t get enough credit

  15. 💯 agree, not everyone cup of tea, but I had to fill the kettle again if you know what I mean haha.

  16. Do you got 4-8 hours to kill? Try one.

  17. We don't even know them hoes nom'sayin, they jumped in the car down at Burger King.

  18. Jonathan Torrens was involved with alot of other projects outside of trailer park boys leading into the later seasons. The most notable role would probably be his character on the CBC show "Mr. D", which leads to him being written out of some seasons.

  19. Smokey, That was the name he used to call himself when he was on the streets, back when I was on the force.... Strip the chrome off a trailer hitch.

  20. Absolutely not, smart idea. It's a good thing your Dad sacrificed his double wide trailer (and some dignity) for those encyclopedias❤️

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