1. Walk by a person exiting a Tesla and remark,

  2. I always come back to Persecution Mania. That shit rules. It's heavy, grooves and Tom's distorted bass is fantastic. So much imagery from track to track. Progression to Golgotha to Christ Passion is the chefs kiss.

  3. He was a silver spoon hash dealing idiot with a cracked out brother and some voters were like , " he says it like it is what could go wrong " ?

  4. Way to go Mitch. Your haters are in shambles. To be fair, I was in overtime. ( just cracked a brew ) .

  5. Holy shit some people are just dumb as rocks. It's like contemplating infinity. So vast.

  6. Just so you don’t hear any wild rumors, I’m being indicted for fraud in Australia.

  7. Gosh I worked one summer at Ral Partha. Brings back memories !

  8. Wayne and his wife lost on their over/under on what celebrity " designer " they were all going to wear.

  9. I totally forgot Wings-era Thomas Haden Church was in Tombstone

  10. 150 sounds real good for your first synth . Take the plunge.

  11. Maybe they are making love. I remember my late wife barb was so good at making love, and she had such big tits.

  12. Should be banned from here along with the Toronto Sun, so odd that opinion pieces from those rags get so much traction here...

  13. People who post articles from the Sun are the same people who sit at a Timmies bemoaning how they can't smoke inside cause of " Communism " . Degens.

  14. Where does the cowardly lion fit in all this ?

  15. Yeah but don't forget about that cop he and buddies killed in the 80's.

  16. " Cops don't like me so I don't like cops ! "

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