1. u got some garbage friends. embrace it. Mason is shitty as a college, but good for education, which is what matters

  2. Put the clubs in the holes. Seems more efficient than doing the opposite

  3. I use both, but rely mostly on my rangefinder. The laser is best for precise to the pin yardages. I use the gps mostly on courses I’m not familiar with to know how far I have to the front and to the back of the green to better gauge where I want to land my approach, or try to land. Either would be fine for a high handicapper though. Find what you like best.

  4. Sounds good. Leaning towards gps cause it’s more affordable as well

  5. Not necessarily. You can get a really decent rangefinder on Amazon for around $50-$75.

  6. It’s not too late to back out😅

  7. Any ping putter that says Scottsdale,AZ is worth more than the Phoenix, AZ putters, but An old school Anser is a nice putter, regardless, especially since the guy threw it in at no extra charge. It’s the design that Scotty Cameron stole/borrowed to make his putters. The Camerons are a little heavier than the Pings (I think)

  8. Oh that’s so dope. Didn’t know the history behind it

  9. I use this putter now and absolutely love it. I had the original grip on it until last year and now that it’s regripped I love it even more

  10. By original grip do you mean the plastic one? Cause I have that too. I like the weight and it’s been my go to putter

  11. Thanks man! It also got 3 different tunes that plays every hour, you can also set the times that you want it to play (24/24, all day except from 11pm to like 6am or off). It's really worth it for 140 cad (109 usd)!

  12. I might have to find myself one for my office

  13. Can never go wrong with a skeleton bulova I have a similar one!

  14. Thank you! It’s my favorite watch by far

  15. The store had this for 25% off so I had to pull the trigger. Absolutely in love with how it looks

  16. Don’t let your hips go up, you’re going to top the ball, and keep a solid Bend in your knees. And let the club drop to the ground naturally to get the feel for how it falls and you’ll start to be able to control the club head more

  17. Might have to. Still have yet to mod it. Also want a see through case back

  18. Yeah, that's why I want it, lol! I usually wear a smartwatch at work, but just started double wristing today, coincidentally with my Komanderski. Vostok on the left, Ticwatch on the right. Life is too short to not wear a watch that brings you some joy.

  19. Rotate a little more in the end and you’ll start to feel a smoother flow with it but all things considered you will be a power hitter

  20. I started a year ago and it took me a while to find my swing. Someone taught me to keep my club face up against the back of the ball at your ready stance and it’ll help with making contact with the ball first a lot

  21. Yeah that’s a good tip. I shank like 4 of 10 shots I hit so definitely want to reduce that

  22. I have this watch and it’s my favorite in my collection

  23. Went to my nearest Rolex AD to get on the list for the Rolex Submariner but saw this in the meantime. Though I did not buy it, it’s been the first time I’ve seen such an elegant timepiece and had the opportunity to wear it. The AD employee was really cool with letting me try some pieces on. Anyone ever have any such experiences with their AD?

  24. This is fire. Link? I might have to get my hands on this. Love It!

  25. Honestly one of the best watches I’ve owned. Instant conversation starter and every time you look at it you have to take a second to think about the time.

  26. Clear caseback for sure, then maybe bracelet/bezel?

  27. where are some good websites to get parts in the US?

  28. So Update: i set the watch down on a table and it randommly started working when i checked on it after a couple hours. Not super helpful but thought id mention it.

  29. Ok perfect. I have some experience with watch repair so I’ll try this

  30. Doesn’t seem like it’d work. Update thread if it goes anywhere

  31. Casio Mdv 106, Casio Mrw 200, Casio G Shock Dw 5600, Timex Iron Man, Timex Iron Man Essential analog, Invicta Pro Diver. This is my list

  32. Invicta pro diver seems like a good option, but I heard it gets a lot of scratches

  33. As long as you stay away from the gold-plated models, they don't scratch any more than any other stainless steel watch. I have one and it's held up wonderfully. Really good value. If you tire of it down the road l, you can customize it with a new dial, hands, crystal, and bezel insert. :)

  34. thanks for the info, ill probably buy one in that case

  35. damn, I wish I found watches laying around. but dope watch, might wanna get it fixed up and put it to use

  36. probably one of the best first automatics anyone could get. im sure you could rock it with business casual.

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