1. In the media. input is 3.0ec but when reading with aroya sensors the media ec spikes up with dry backs

  2. I’d follow athenas program and diet, probably a bit better to ramp up the EC than nuke em.

  3. I second that not being true. The Certified live resin carts are a perfect example of top-tier resin

  4. He’s definitely out of it mentally, the aim might be there but he really just doesn’t give a fuck about getting back to where he was and improving. Doubt any team would want to pick him up after his showings

  5. As a viewer, I don't even want to watch him bring another team down

  6. Hopefully they can host a T1 tourney soon. This production was night and day better than what we had for a fucking major

  7. What underdog are you talking about??? G2 deserve the major trophy just as much

  8. I think they’ve shown they deserve to be in a final just as much, but today is when they prove if they deserve that trophy or not.

  9. This is an example of stats not showing the full picture cause from the eye test Qikert and buster have been amazing

  10. I think they've had some rounds here and there this tournament, but I don't think they've even consistently been fragging

  11. Looks like it needs updated. Missing certified and the botanist flower

  12. Certified use no pesticides either. Unknown on botanist

  13. The thing about all of the edibles in the program is that it’s just THC distillate, and the product is marked as an indica, sativa, or hybrid with no actual elements in them to make them lean that way. Find an Indica and sativa gummy from any cultivator out there, and look at the differences in ingredients. The only difference will probably be the flavor of gummy.

  14. The 2nd one is my fav. 3rd and after look too tacky, but it's just my taste.

  15. I agree. 2nd one is like an actual true autograph almost and not just a drawn font

  16. This man is 31 years old and full of this much energy.... I only hope I can keep up when that time comes for me XD

  17. I played the ALPHA(way before the beta) closed play test for Destiny 1 when I worked at GameStop and fell in love. It was maybe a month before the original beta they had sent us codes to play a two or three day alpha and I never looked back.

  18. Was trying to not get too scientific with it, but odd colors and spots. I have been PH’ing water, FF Trio, Cal Mag a few times, Bud candy.

  19. Could be some small buildup causing lockout with the salts - I’d flush thoroughly and give them just straight water for a few days and then reintroduce your feed and see from there!

  20. Sometimes they will drop the price on a batch that's going to expire or they want to get rid of stock. They had tenths for 18$ of Mac from standard, 24$ orange 43 Klutch tenth, 1$ certified shine .3g carts, etc. They used to have a last call menu where they would have a whole list of price dropped items. Hopefully it's not a pricing error though because I have seen that happen too

  21. I always see them do stuff like this which is super nice, but there’s no way they could have any flower from Certified that’s about to expire, Certified’s first harvest was at the beginning of this year. Had to have been an error, score!

  22. Motorbreath is a relative, both have Chemdawg

  23. He destroyed them so hard that game, no one even noticed it was an ace....

  24. thats what an expensive gaming chair does to you!

  25. Must be that new IKEA Markus everyone is switching to....

  26. I think Boombl4 IGL is the problem not Blade.

  27. I've honestly been a fan of wherever s1mple lands since 2016, and I honest to god think this NaVi roster isn't that great...I think more than Boombl4 need replaced. Imagine being able to snag YEKINDAR instead of b1t or perfecto for instance...

  28. I've always wanted to glaze some fresh ribs in this.

  29. This is insane, why is it not voted higher??

  30. You've been toking for 30 years, and don't have any kind of tolerance? Let me know your secret lol!!

  31. One of my coworkers is the same way...told me every three months he takes a 7-10 day tolerance break!

  32. I'd be curious to see what this flower tested in Ohio. It does seem like the same genetics test higher in Ohio

  33. I thought the same thing too. Was talking to a buddy out west and was literally having that same conversation of “what is going on in Ohio, our shit tests at 22 on a low and that’s pretty high in other states” and he tended to agree

  34. Im sure their nice and more potent than regular carts but your getting an untested chemical as a primary ingredient from a state medical pharmacy. Sold to you as something else. You can go get full g d8 carts for 25$ from a headshop and have it cost you 0 days. Hopefully one day the people that cut carts get their license revoked.

  35. It isn’t a primary ingredient though,

  36. Woodward, Klutch, Buckeye (they’ve turned it around 180 lately, they used to be shit) Certified has potential to break into top 3

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