1. Pecco will be riding this bike at Lenovo Race of Champions (#WDW2022 July 23rd)

  2. There is still WSBK to watch, I'll be doing that and playing some MotoGP 22

  3. Don't let Gigi Dall'Igna look at this picture..

  4. Let’s just hope they don’t both end their races like that (walking away!) this weekend

  5. ha, I thought it was weird they don't even have a bike featured in this poster

  6. Mr. Glass is still competitive, could probably beat MM currently

  7. 2nd in '17, '18, '19 and 4th in '20 seems fairly competitive. He sat out '21 so we can't really count that, leaving this year for him being shit. I suspect its a combo of him and the bike, but it could just be the bike. Getting back on the Duc or the Aprilia might give him some better results.

  8. Dovi is like Vinales, the bike has to be perfect for him, the ducks have to be in a row and all the saints have to be singing to him, then he's fast.

  9. Team Suzuki posts them on their twitter account

  10. Lol @ you guys thinking Unlimited is coming back. That thing bombed.

  11. Actually I didn't think it was a bad show, there's much worse. I recommend it to non MotoGP fans.

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