1. because they found out about R+L=J on a forum and made believe they figured it out which impressed GRRM

  2. looks good maybe longer in the sides so it fits more the style but i think it would look goood

  3. he is just sittin there bein like wadup 👋

  4. he is just sittin look at that relaxed arm he is ready for a chat

  5. my eye says yes my back would say no because i am a tired but i like the bike tho

  6. idk if i will ever like myself enough to date someone i also love

  7. this makes me so happy that you are not in a bad environment anymore im still in the recovery process it’s good to see people getting better

  8. everybody around here has a hard on for fenders, nice to see some like-minded folks with a kickstand kink lol

  9. for commuters kickstands are the shit

  10. point though that dunkey wasn’t responsible for league not being shitty early on, it was just the company showing it’s core of values

  11. Nope, you are nitpicking and biased. Dunkey is 100% at fault for all of leagues problems as he has always been the one pulling the strings from the shadows. I win bye bye

  12. FUCK you’re right what was I THINKING???

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