1. It's all the store stuff. I hate it. Cuz I ain't buying none of that shit..

  2. For Ohio yes. For Michigan no. :) Catch up Ohio!

  3. Her and Mya the coldest. And lisaraye.

  4. What do you do to consume it..?

  5. I been paying for it since last year. Rarely play...




  9. Genuinely asking, why would you tip them? Maybe the one in my town works differently than others.

  10. I used to be a line cook... and from what I've heard the front of the house say... makes me wanna tip eveyone..

  11. Ohio cannibis connection was 175 a few days when I got mine.

  12. Pow..? What and where is it..?

  13. Pure Ohio wellness in dayton..?

  14. Pure Ohio Wellness Dayton can get busy. Pure Ohio Wellness London does not get as busy. I’d give both locations at least a 90% chance of having a great customer experience. Sometimes you run across a Budtender that isn’t knowledgeable, but they are still friendly.

  15. Ima try london... they have a carrabba's...

  16. I got orange 43 last night. My first purchase. Flower. I'm very happy with it. Slept great and woke up feeling like I took some sea moss or something...

  17. Ohio cannabis connection is who I used. Didn't have documentation but I think they prefer it. Don't see why someone would be against it.

  18. Thank you. Used them today. Everything done today...

  19. Just got off the phone with Ohio Cannibis Connection... did I get scammed..?

  20. Man wtf are you even talking about 😂😂😂

  21. Just got off the phone with Ohio Cannibis Connection... did I get scammed..?

  22. Just get that feeling you know her shit good

  23. She look like she a cry when you fuck her good...

  24. I'm about the same. Just picked up an Xbox Series S because f- waiting for a PS5. Instant library of 4 generations of games with Gamepass. It's been fantastic.

  25. Same, but I managed to get a PS5 already and I care way less about games not coming to Stadia now. I still hope Stadia becomes more mainstream and starts getting all the new games, but it's not as big a deal to me. Idk if google is dragging their feet, losing interest, or just taking a slow and steady strategy, but it's not my problem anymore.

  26. I hope slow and steady. I think its amazing so far..

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