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  1. What are we ranking on? Difficulty? Aesthetics? Personally Scorch felt like a really small world compared to like Mystic Marsh. Same with Magma Cone. Fracture Hills is nice, even though it had some of the toughest side quests but that's just me

  2. Probably im bread? Rage videos are fun for like one video but binging them gets uncomfortable at least for me. Like i watched his whole Mario maker playlist but had to watch in parts

  3. "I've been in the phone with you for 3 hours" like I highly doubt it with my kind of call center but sure

  4. "I know you don't have power over this" treats me like I'm an omnipotent god who is making the conscious choice not to get you exactly what you want

  5. Pretty much had them realize they were just venting at me cause I just kept repeating that I was so sorry and there was nothing I could do

  6. I remember there was a couple years ago that he said he was off meds and just exercising to work out his ADHD. I forget how the videos were though. This might have been a members livestream. But i agree with a lot of these comments. What was cool back then, age, and even that he couldn't hear himself through the headphones even.

  7. I feel like there's a startling amount of Lore™️ in these lmao

  8. If I'm remembering right, this came out right after WKM which is probably why it has a lot of WKM references. Like Damien, Jim, Actor Mark, and Wilford with the detective outfit nearby

  9. It blows my mind that there are people who watch Mark's stuff but didn't know about this calendar!

  10. That conversation on the livestream that was basically like "yeah I'm confident enough to leak my own (tasteful) nudes" was pretty wild. I remember watching that live and thinking that I'd never heard something like that before. Shaped my confidence a little

  11. Bumbum is his steam-name, isn't it? Probably because "Markiplier" was already registered.

  12. Thats my guess too. Like i think insta too was taken cause it was markipliergram for a while. He was slow to trademark his name too and had to fight that.

  13. Ive never had this problem tbh. Maybe its a soap or shampoo that it's reacting to?

  14. It's smaller on web youtube but yeah console has it blown up

  15. Oh wow sakimichans art has made it to the alt right

  16. Yes i think tomorrow it's supposed to go up

  17. The most I usually get is 2. So front door and mailbox. Typically i just get a code or garage opener

  18. GO CHIEFS! lol fellow Kansas citian here. But really that's a crazy amount of keys.

  19. Not from Kansas but I'm watching a dog who is named KC and the parents are huge chief fans. Took me to the second to put together that his name might be Kansas Chiefs lol

  20. Do bands compete against each other? The sporting chance part is the only thing that keeps me on edge from saying yes

  21. We get paid for 8a to 5pm, even if it is 1 minute that is 10 minutes every paycheck. We don't clock out either. We log our shift hours everyday. So if this is the case, I will log in my hours as 8am to whatever time i finished that call. The hours i get hired for is 8 to 5pm. Also, there are other agents that are schedule from 12 to 8pm which is our closing time. It's not like no other agents were working past 5pm.

  22. So you're saying even if you get a 30 minute call right at 8:00 they won't pay you the extra 30min? That definitely doesn't make sense if you're not getting paid that extra time.

  23. Just a reminder that when your shift ends at 8:00 PM please do not log out until 8:01 PM. There could be more calls in queue and if you log out at 7:59 PM the PSR's that are still on will get those calls. There also might be more than one call. The same things go for Friday afternoons, please log out at 5:01 PM. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  24. I always clock out right at 8:00 in that case if i don't have a call. But at least for end of day for our system it doesn't let anyone else in who calls after like 7:59 or 8pm so not like more calls should be able to come in anyway.

  25. Yeah, but when Amy asked if it exists, he said "it exists. In my head".

  26. The whole stream was like "theres lore here if you look hard enough!!" to "why would you look that hard you idiot??" So yeah probably one of those jokes to mislead everyone.

  27. Source is channel member livestream. I'm sure he'll mention it during the livestream tomorrow too

  28. What was it before? Just i make videos and the charity count?

  29. I liked the part about sight and hearing being enabled while everything else was off.

  30. I honestly think Mark and co. shot themselves in the foot with the decision to have no dead-ends plot-wise in ISWM. A huge part of the fun of Heist imo was getting into a situation, seeing what's probably the right way of doing things then immediately going for the option that's the exact opposite and will without a doubt lead to complete failure in the most spectacular way.

  31. I see what you mean but technically the whole thing is that when we die we start over. So failing spectacularly will eventually kill us. Being killed in a few of the choices you could call endings cause in heist we still go back and try again

  32. I enjoyed the fact that ISWM was linear as far as endings went. I see people in this thread complaining about how there isn’t multiple endings like Heist but honestly there were only 2 ways to go about the ending, either it gets resolved or it loops back.

  33. Right? Like even if it's not endings there's plenty of random chaos that happens in the way to the ending. Heist was kinda tough because it was just straight chaos leading to short little endings. It's nice to have a linear story with chaos in-between

  34. I'm not 100% sure as I more so subscribed for the sketch comedy back when it was him and Tyler

  35. i feel the same. i dont laugh nearly as much as i did to the old ones. they also dont have a consistent schedule when they release. cause yes, they come out on monday but sometimes its every other week cause they forget and it makes me less excited cause i was looking forward to it. also idk who these new people are and i just miss when its just dan/arin doing fun stuff. yknow like i havent watched gg all together in months cause i just didnt feel it anymore but im trying to get back into it but theres just something different about the channel as a whole.

  36. Huh they announced forever ago that it was gonna be every other week

  37. I completely forgot about this. I forget what his argument was but i agree because too much buttercream is really hard to eat. But if it's whippy frosting it's much better.

  38. I think the flowers are nice. The note is a bit much from the dogs perspective. When i write notes I go from my perspective and mention how good they were for me and any small things like if they got dinner already etc. I think now like that are personal preference though

  39. Bob and Mark secretly wear wigs. Can't believe you guys can't see the bald cap seam on wades head. He's just pretending so Bob and Mark don't feel bad

  40. Lol This was literally just a bit because it's a try NOT to laugh challenge so he was taking it seriously and roasting himself apparently.

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