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  • By - cyyz8

  1. I sweat like a horse when I’m naked, I don’t even want to imagine it with clothes on… although sexy underwear is absolutely approved

  2. No, but then I never was much of a weeb… boring answer why did I even type this -_-

  3. I think getting to know your spots and exploring yourself will only be a win for both you and your partner. If you’re open and can communicate you might both find sex more enjoyable as a result

  4. Yes, but in reverse. I had incredible sexual chemistry with my ex but no deeper underlying emotions- I never really loved her. My current gf I love very very much and the sex is good but with my ex it was just next level fantastic.

  5. Honestly, get drunk. Either it’ll make your bad feelings worse which isn’t much loss or it’ll let you relax and enjoy yourself.

  6. I did that twice but the problem is I hate any and all alcohol. It's gross lol

  7. Well then I’m afraid I can’t help much, I love drinking and I don’t really know what it’s like to suffer from low self esteem so I don’t really have much experience in the matter. In any case I hope you figure it out and don’t be too hard on yourself

  8. I think women do and I think guys don’t. I know after I’ve shut my shot I feel more relaxed and capable of looking at eyes rather than cleavage. I also know my gf will want a round 2-3 and 4

  9. This only works if you can deliver cheese in a cute way.

  10. Glint in the eye! I mean, good and well behaved people are nice and all but damn do I find it attractive when a girl has a bit of a bad side and isn’t afraid to show me a glimpse now and then

  11. I'll never withhold sex from my partner. Make up sex it is!

  12. Honestly I find that a bit of a red flag. Like fair if she’s not in the mood but using sex like a currency / reward seems unhealthy for a relationship

  13. I’m not stubborn and it takes a fuck of a lot to get me mad… so probably there and then, I’m definitely more horny than spiteful hehe

  14. Well it was quite late and we were on the seats all the way at the back, but yes there were maybe 3 or 4 other passengers; it made both exciting and risky but also slightly terrifying haha

  15. When you tell it the reaction is always a surprised and mildly disgusted “ohhhh shit”

  16. I will tell it for my friends 100% all credits going to you

  17. Sorry I had to. Honest response though, I think I just kinda figured it out naturally. I remember being in total chock when I came like “omg what the heck was that”

  18. Nope, taste like rubber… if you’re friend wants to suck a cold I’d recommend removing rubber first

  19. Hmm. I don’t own any handcuffs but I’ll come up with something.

  20. I gotta hear the story behind this first meeting. Cop or BDSM?

  21. Amusingly enough, neither. Prankster friend handcuffed us together and disappeared with the key. Dick move or wingman level 100 depending on how you look at it.

  22. I didn’t read the story but I’ll just respond to the question.

  23. Waterfall ✅ Public ✅ Kitchen, garden, balcony ✅ Airplane ➖ Group sex ➖ (but I’m not sure this is my cup of tea… I get jealous) Bus ✅ (this was awkward) Beach in australia ✅ The sea ➖ Anal ➖ (yes Im a bit vanilla) Threesum ➖

  24. I want to fill up with gallons of cum. I highly doubt I'll ever be able to fulfill that but I can only hope.

  25. Dreams can be real! I believe that one day you will be able to fulfill your cum-dripping-dream! IT SHALL BE GLORIOUS!

  26. Those are some small ducks.. do you mean ducklings?

  27. Laying down and panting heavily mostly, I’m pretty fit but sex is like cardio training, imma need to catch my breath when I’m done along with some appreciation of my partner

  28. The way she looks at me when she’s in the mood: head slightly tilted, gently chewing one lip and eyes pleading in a devilishly sexy way… yep, I’m hard just imagining it

  29. This conversation is pretty fucking hilarious eats popcorn

  30. Corrupt, uneducated society where everyone is armed to the teeth and permanently paranoid.

  31. Tearing down American society one school shooting at a time?

  32. After a fancy dinner / party with the lady, the shoes stay on, the clothes come off.

  33. No. The keys drop from Greater Rifts. In the PTR, it was like a 90% drop from a Greater Rift Guardian.

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