1. Costco sub making fun of OP as they post this but then praise someone wrapping their hot dog in the disgusting chicken bake. Classic America and I am American 🤣

  2. And I wanted space gray because I have everything dark in my life lol

  3. As far as I know, when you connect your iPhone to a mac, it shows up in Finder and you can do all sorts of things from there. Back up phone, update iOS etc. Look it up on YouTube just to be sure, as I am one of those weirdos who uses Android phone with a mac 🙃

  4. Use icloud but been doing old school backup to my 2011 imac via itunes. First macbook so was wondering. Alwaysbhave had an iphone

  5. Damn and amazing. Yes I know it is not the camera but sure helps. I am on the edge to get a z9 even though I would only shoot sports of my daughter and she is in middle school. Figure it would be good for 8+ years of use

  6. Robot for me was first and last espresso machine. Tempted to get a decent but used my buddies and while it is sweet I not missing much tbh.

  7. Just got the 14” and know I would like the 16” but I like external monitor so it is relatively null.

  8. It makes 0 difference functionally but like mine for moving it here and there. Plus makes a nice sweat catcher.

  9. Love mine and the nylon strap makes it disappear on my wrist.

  10. Played for 30 min and uninstalled. While it has charm if you are a fan of R&M it gets old quick or did for me.

  11. So what does the Senator have to hide 🤣. I am not on tiktok but stay out of everyones business.

  12. Apple offers free tech appointments regardless of apple care. If something is wrong they charge you accordingly. With apple care + it makes it easier and a lot cheaper most times if something is wrong.

  13. Yeah I’m leaning towards getting powerblocks, but felt like I was missing something with the ironmasters. I will say, Ironmaster definitely look the cleanest.

  14. My PB USA elites are almost 2 years old now and no problems. Got the knurled grips and love them. My bro has an original PB from 20+ years ago and still no problems to this day.

  15. Nice, so you don’t have to baby them? Obviously I don’t plan on dropping them, but a bump here and there is inevitable. I just don’t want to plates to become misaligned from regular use

  16. Not from my experience. I don’t drop from hip height but wouldn’t with a normal db. Not sure how it would be mis aligned unless there was some negligence. Whatever you do though if you go PB get the stand.

  17. Sweet and enjoy. Highly recommend purchasing another basket and screen just in case you want to do 2 shots back to back easier.

  18. Email or call concept 2 to be sure. They are awesome cs wise

  19. Sorry that is not worth it even at that. The food get stuck in the liner and not great quality. Faucet is ok fwiw and installed one. Don’t use the liner and might Be ok

  20. Where you gonna find this same Kohler sink and faucet for $300? I mean it's kinda worth it by default when the alternative is $500 for the same thing right?

  21. Gotcha' love Uncle Sam. Looking forward to your post showing off your new toy.

  22. Hahah you are only getting your own $$ back after the gov holding it all year for you 🤣

  23. Went M2 and will be here Feb 6 I think. First macbook so worth it for me. Have imac that is 2012 and still works for the basics but needs to be retired

  24. I’m not sold on the idea I need 64 gb. Im gonna work cybersecurity coming out of school so maybe I do but I’m more curious about the $200 extra for basically 8 more gpu. Is that needed and what would that really affect

  25. Nice. Ordered M2 Max with 32gb (corrected) and 2 tb yesterday. Imac 2012 still works but first macbook ever. Work computer is windows

  26. I just ran a premiere pro export and I obviously need to do more to get more exact numbers but the MacBook Pro was double as fast compared to my 5900x + 3090 PC when exporting a 5min 4K video which is just insane to me. Like I said, gonna test it more but damn this m2 max is fast

  27. Nice. I was tempted to get 64gb but I don’t do anything crazy export wise and 32gb will be fine for me.

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