1. to be honest the podcast hasn’t changed my opinion of paul but i’m definitely not as sympathetic as i used to be towards grace… she knew who he was, and made a mockery of his victims by meeting up with him just “so her friends can have a laugh”.

  2. don’t know why you’re being downvoted, nothing wrong with asking a question, but he may actually be avoiding tax by not having a proper job/ paying tv license/ driving etc

  3. i think the thing is he’s doing a lot more well off than someone who works for his type of money and it’s not fair especially considering the type of person he is.

  4. please update when you’re done as i have the same problem!! was it as bad as you thought?

  5. you heard itywtd and thought it was overrated ?! 😧

  6. But you’re deleting your comments to me?

  7. oh my god i mean the og post 💖💖 i deleted the other comments to avoid you getting upset

  8. The comments where you said you don’t give a fuck about what my partner went through? Those ones? You deleted the comments because you know how it made you look.

  9. ok you know i did not say idgaf what ur partner went through. i said idgaf about ur partner being a man.

  10. hard to swallow pill but it’s because daz has also dated younger woman, he can’t make this video or he’ll be a hypocrite. it’s sad

  11. So he’s also groomed a young girl. People like him make me sick, he’s definitely afraid of his past being brought up.

  12. many young women, i have videos of him flirting with a 19 year old single mum, he’s had sex with a young looking 19 year old girl, he knocked up a 17 year old when he was 28, his ex looks no older than 27. he’s a MESS

  13. So I’m kind of scared because I was checking the bleach at work to make sure it had like a plastic safety seal over it when you open the cap… And I opened it and realize there wasn’t one… And worried like what if I drank it without like knowing or something

  14. i had anxiety as bad as you when i was on birth control, i wouldn’t eat massive meals because i thought if i ate too much i’d have a heart attack.

  15. you definitely didn’t drink it my love. there’s certain situations in life where if you think “oh i don’t know if i did” then you didn’t. it’s drinking bleach we’re talking about not what you had for dinner last week haha. you didn’t drink the bleach, you didn’t get affected by the bleach, you only breathed it in which will do nothing to you, absolutely nothing. there’s been people who have accidentally drunk bleach at the bottom of glasses and they’ve been absolutely fine. it takes more than just a bleach atom to cause harm x

  16. he’s assumed that the man is following grace because she’s an of model, if anything that just shows his own true intentions

  17. hate to say it but at this point he’s probs not buying the likes and shares, he’s got so much attention lately

  18. I’m glad she’s speaking out BUT if she hated Paul so much and was just meeting him to troll him, why did she do an OF shoot AND sleep with him…

  19. well, in all honesty she’s so young. and especially at the age of 19 you feel so much older than you actually are. there are things i did at a young age thinking “god i’m so old! i can handle this! everyone telling me i’m wrong thinks i’m still a child!” and as i grew older (or immediately after i did the thing) i’d think “oh.. that wasn’t as fun as i thought it would be. turns out this doesn’t make me an adult, it’s actually scary and makes me feel bad”.

  20. “i’m just a nice guy! here’s the innocent truth about me! i’m just a guy!”

  21. well done grace ❤️ you’ve got so many people to back you yp

  22. he’s so different in private than on tiktok… says a lot. need him off the streets

  23. all the paul memes as well as if it’s funny. “this tiktoker did makeup to look like paul😂” “this tiktoker dances like paul😂”

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