AITA for calling my fiancé a jerk?

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  1. From the cities you listed, I would say Italy. For Spain, I’d skip Madrid honestly. It’s fine but nothing spectacular. In Iberian peninsula , either stick to the south (Andalucía and Algarve) or to the north (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria). In June, south is going to be too hot, better north.

  2. Your texts and the way you asked her out seems totally fine, I don’t think you did anything wrong. You don’t seem needy or pushy. She’s not interested, but that can be for any reason, maybe even not related to you at all.

  3. I won't turn down the first impression so easily and call out the incel automatically when such standards matters... But only as first impression.

  4. Also, first impressions and physical attraction are not only about how beautiful a face is or how fit and muscles is your body. It is a factor, it can be more or less relevant depending on the person, but there are other factors in play. How a person is dressed and how they move can catch you eye before you’ve even seen their face. How they smell plays a greater role than we think. Also their facial expression, if they’re smiling or look approachable. All of those things make for physical attraction and are to some degree under the person’s control. But they don’t want to hear that.

  5. I’m a straight man and I’d totally be ok with some objectifying. I’d totally be ok with a total stranger telling me I have a nice ass or whatever. Though I guess this is just a symptom of me not receiving any body positive comments about myself in forever.

  6. i WISH men left us alone after finding out we're lesbians! ;;

  7. I know this isn't the case with everyone, but when I was entering high school we had about 5-6 kids coming in that had always been home schooled with each other. To say that they didn't know how to interact with other people was a bit of an understatement. Most of them eventually acclimated after a year or two, but initially it's almost like we were a different species. One of the girls went on to get drunk and accidentally run over her boyfriend and kill him. Served no prison time somehow.

  8. And that’s why homeschooling is not legal in many countries.

  9. As a teacher, that's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Like a BIG one 😭

  10. I’ve never understood why boys and girls can’t be in the same room. Like, girls have also sex with girls, and boys with boys. Why not just let them share a room with whoever they feel most comfortable with?

  11. Tradition. Avoids issues with some of the girls being say in their underwear in their rooms or changing.

  12. That’s why I said “whoever they’re most comfortable with”.

  13. It technically is, but CRA has this framework-y feeling that doesn’t differ much from a traditional framework.

  14. Most of the time I’m thinking of my technique. Try to feel the water on my body, how’s my catch, or how my arms enter the water. Try to concentrate on feeling my fingertips entering first, not dropping my elbow, feeling a little bit of the surface in my feet, rotation.. there’s too much going on at the same time to be able to distract 😂

  15. You said there was a presser, which is another word for a press conference. Are you stupid? Do you understand English? Given the litany of spelling and grammatical errors you make, it seems doubtful.

  16. How many languages do you speak without making any mistakes at all?

  17. This subreddit is truly one of the most unbelievable places I’ve found in the whole Internet, I literally cannot stop scrolling.

  18. Ceboliita, chiles y a lo mejor tomate.

  19. Pero el del Mercadona no lleva nada de eso!

  20. Vale, admito derrota en que tiene más ingredientes de lo que creía. Pero aguacate machacado simple sigue estando más rico. De ese burro no me bajo 😂

  21. I remember Spain being hella poor when I was there. This was in Madrid and there were always a ton of beggars and pickpockets.

  22. What. Spain is the 14th richest country in the world by GDP (measured in 2021 by the International Monetary Fund). More than the Netherlands, for example.

  23. All of this and I'm irrationally stuck on being annoyed that anyone is still referring to female friends as "one of the boys" in 2022

  24. Oh, they still do. As a lesbian, I’m included in that group often. They believe you’ll find their gross remarks about other women entertaining because you also like women. No, Juan Pablo, I don’t want you to show me nudes from a girl you had sex with last week, please leave me alone.

  25. By leftists you mean what you Americans call democrats?

  26. But the World Wide Web is full of conservative messages that are not banned. The ones banned are the racist, sexist, homophobic…

  27. Does she not have siblings? Who thinks it’s weird to have a picture of your brother at home?

  28. But OP says he told her. She just refused to believe it.

  29. Introverts have sex too. No need to be outgoing, just not be an asshole.

  30. Well, yeah, but… they start around 07:30 or earlier and when they go home it can be around 17:30, which is 10 hours per day, which is two hours longer than a normal workday. Okay, some leave earlier, but after school hours they have to check the curriculum, prepare classes for the next day(s) and they have to rate homework and tests. It’s even worse when one or more children in class are having difficulties/problems and there’s need to help them or to talk with parents. And there’s the occasional parent meetings in evenings.

  31. It is not an easy job. And it’s also really hard to access it. They don’t work that many hours tho. It’s 9-14, one day a week staying on the afternoons.

  32. I was actually talking about… ehmmm I guess it’s called primary school? For the young ones :)

  33. I don’t know the hours for kindergarten, those can vary a lot. But from 6 years old to university, kids in Spain have lunch at home. I mean, they can sign up for lunch at school if they need it, but that’s out of school hours. Elementary school finishes at 2pm, high school at 3pm (we don’t have middle school). Lunch in Spain is later than the rest of Europe, between 2pm and 3:30.

  34. Many orgs endeavor to deploy k8s on multiple clouds. A FE dev shouldn't need to understand the ins & outs of each though. Maybe one for senior staff.

  35. Yeah, maybe that can be true for a specific project, for all of those requirements?

  36. Well, those are pretty basic skills, but who needs all of them for a position? Like are you likely to code in 3 different component-based frameworks? Use the 3 main cloud providers? Not even in a whole team you need all of those.

  37. Peores condiciones de vida 😩🙏🏼 como si estuvieramos hablando de Guantanamo

  38. Como se nota que no has pisado US en tu vida o si lo has hecho no sabes nada de la vida allí.

  39. Un desarrollador en España cobra 30K con menos de dos años de experiencia. Que estamos hablando de un curro de desarrollador software, no de camarero (que por cierto un camarero en US puede llegar a cobrar la miseria de 2 dólares la hora, porque se consideran las tips como parte del salario).

  40. Where can I get a shirt of Brittany Spears? Please ask your son.

  41. Sounds like a lot. I hope you and your brother get better, and you get the help you need. It’s not all lost. You both deserve to be loved.

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