1. I’m tired of folks, — them closed-minded folks. It’s like we got a demo tape and don’t nobody wanna hear it.

  2. Florida Gulf Coast and Pacific NW. Both for nature/environment.

  3. My perspective from being a kid in the 80s:

  4. It's more a generalized guide, but

  5. The city I'm living in now doesn't have any large dedicated festivals for the whole city that I know of, but there are countless small festivals and events going on here.

  6. I say that and I'm sure there is someone there who gas never seen the ocean cause they are always looking away from it.

  7. The best advice we got before moving to the beach was to visit it every day. Made it a priority, rain or shine, and got in at least a little time there 6 days out of the week.

  8. The only time I ever noticed tips at a busy bar was when they were front loaded. Pay 50% on the first round to get my attention, then just kind of coast at a normal average from there.

  9. This was my practice, but had the benefit of working in other service industries before.

  10. Both my parents were musicians (for hobby and sometimes for income). They required me to learn their three instruments (guitar, piano, and flute) well enough to play a few songs of their choice when I was growing up.

  11. Current job it depends on what you consider work. Most of my hobbies and preferred entertainment tie in to my job so I do maybe 20 hours of productive work, 5 hours of meetings and sharing notes, and about 50 hours of research/goofing off. Creative consultant and graphics workflow for a small video game company.

  12. Guess we'd be a little less different than the rest of the world now.

  13. I was just taking a jab at soccer.

  14. Just depends on where I've lived.

  15. Some of them have multiple names depending on the region.

  16. First, I'd like to thank you for specifying where you are from instead of just saying "my country".

  17. An old email, which was based off the time of day when I created it.

  18. Complex question, and appreciate you asking.

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  20. Not comfortable saying the cities and states for them, but last three places I've lived in were built in 1935, 1955, and 2004.

  21. Did this a lot growing up, and tried to continue the tradition as an adult.

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  23. Yay! Now I can slack off even more!

  24. There are many people in small towns, typically rural south in my experience, that have never left that town and surrounding areas. Usually rly old people tho because back in the day they didn’t rly have a reason to go anywhere I guess

  25. Never leaving the town would be extremely rare, but there are a lot of people in rural towns that haven't left their state.

  26. I'm a fan of baseball, and not really into football, so not much competition for me. Even so, I haven't watched either in years.

  27. I do dev/creative work, so like to support others in it.

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