1. hey! Did u find a gc yet? or if u created one already I’d love to join 🙏 also starting media and info this year!



  4. And note that you do need adequate postage. If you don't have stamps you can buy a

  5. Oh damn. I just dropped the envelope with the address to the postbox though without any stamps and stuff. Am I fucked?

  6. According to postnl[

  7. The loan consists actually from 2 parts, one of them is the grant which becomes non-reimbursable in case you graduate within 10 years of taking the loan (but not sure about the exact conditions, you should check it on their website, but i still think it is easily doable to finish 3 years of BA+ 2 years of MS within that timeframe. However it is not mandatory to do both the BA and the MS if that's what you're referring to, just BA should be enough, if you want to do MS, you can do it, but it's more about finishing the level of the studies you've started and get the diploma). If you know romanian, maybe you should consider having your loan through

  8. Naah no worries. Ur explanation is perfect. And thx for the website, though my knowledge of Romanian starts and ends with mulțumesc :))How do they help with taking the loan? Cuz I already applied myself and just waiting for the decision now.

  9. Ah if you already are employed then there's no need for them then ^^ Basically you start working with them and it is easier than to look for a job yourself, they also have built a community of people that can help you through some legal aspects or misunderstandings you could have, but it should be perfectly fine if your part-time allows you to cover the needed hours to take the loan as an EU.

  10. Got it. Time to learn Romanian then hehe

  11. How easy is the admission process for IB students for bachelors in media and information?

  12. I mean I just applied as a first-year student, no specific requirements apart from those that are mentioned on their website. Regarding career perspectives, it's really up to u. Journalism, marketing, SMM, PR. Depends on what u want and what u like.

  13. It really depends on how much you actually want to study and how much you want to party/have fun/procrastinate.

  14. Yeah indeed. At the end of the day it's about finding the right balance between social life and studying

  15. Lmao thank you so much for sharing this, it makes me feel better someone is in the same situation as me ! Also, I’m glad to hear you found your place at UvA, I’m definitely getting the same vibes from there and would love to transfer there too. Wish you the best of luck for your future, u got thisss✌🏽😊

  16. From what ive seen, it is preferential for students applying to US unis for post-grad or masters to have a 4 year bachelors, however, some unis do make exceptions, some other r more strict on this and simply do not consider it at all

  17. And also if u know, if I finished the first year of HBO and got a WO diploma, does it count for 4 years?

  18. As an American, I wish I could be more helpful than what others have already said, but realistically your best option is just going to be to email and ask at any University you apply to, not just Stanford. Even if they say that they do (or don't), the way our curricula works is that it is really up to the University to decide as far as foreign qualifications are concerned. For example, my University that I'm coming from (Texas A&M) doesn't recognize Bologna compliant degrees formally, but I know of two graduate students in my department who are from Switzerland and Belgium. I will say that you are going to have more luck with an WO equivalence than an HBO, American bachelor's are only a year longer than a WO because we have to go through "core curriculum" which is just cultural classes, US/World history, etc. But, again, you should ask!

  19. Woow dude, thx for the info! Yeah I believe it's quite unpopular to apply for US master's from the Netherlands hehe. I could ask you more for sure, let's go DM :))

  20. Yeah, some countries five u a direct access to their Master's if u hold HBO, others like Germany Switzerland - don't I'm finishing the first year of HBO and planning to transfer to the first year of a WO bachelor's. Do u think it'll count as 4 years overall? 🙂

  21. Did u already choose? HvA sucks, they dont communicate at all. I’d search for an other HBO if ur gonna do that

  22. HVA is not a university, so I think your chances of an easy transition to a masters degree are pretty slim. The hogeschool is both a practical and theoretical place. You learn stuff and use it in your internships. Afterwards you write essays about it, it's experience based learning. University is purely theoretical. You read, research and write papers after reading lots of information in your books. It's science based learning.

  23. It’s a huge difference, isn’t it? 🙂 Awesome that you’re feeling it too! It’s my favorite part of keto.

  24. It certainly is. You're a master of ur stomach so to speak hehe. I couldn't even imagine that it was possible. The shitty thing though I still feel bad drinking magnesium supplements and heavily using sea and potassium salt.

  25. Ok. Well, that rules you about as being aromantic.

  26. Thanks for the kind words. But what's the best way to break up with her so she won't be hurt? Saying that I don't love you anymore isn't the solution.

  27. You can't do a breakup with someone without hurting them. It's just a shitty thing we humans experience sometimes.

  28. I wanted to apply to Stanford after obtaining my bachelor's degree at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, but I'm ineligible because Stanford's Master's program requires applicants to have studied at least 4 years. Has anyone been accepted to Stanford straight from their HBO? I'm thinking of doing a pre-master by UvA to be eligible, but the fee is SO expensive!

  29. "weird vibes from the country's politics but lemme mention the whole country itself... yep, way better!"

  30. O well I'm curious of how you took your decision of staying in your home country or going abroad if you took that decision? What were your motives and do you feel like the life in the Netherlands is generally better than where you used to live?

  31. Well, I'm from Russia. It says it all I guess, especially nowadays. Just didn't feel like living my life in constant tension, economic recession, governmental oppression, etc. Way harder to make a decision if u're generally like the country you're a part of.

  32. Hii, I think I'm replying to your comment because I can relate not that I'm good at giving advice 😅. But I guess I'll go for it. I'm making a similar decision rn which is whether I should be staying in my home country or attending UvA. Honestly, I wish someone would just tell me what to do because I'm so indecisive that it's driving me crazy. But one thing ik is that, in your case, you applied to UvA although you were already attending HvA for a reason. Maybe a subconscious one or one that you still didn't get into terms with. So if you were content and assured at HvA why did you apply to UvA? Maybe that's something to reflect on. Apart from that maybe ask yourself whether or not you're okay with changing the workload in the coming year. You said you took part time studies for a certain reason and generally the workload at UvA is known to be heavier. So is that something you'd like? Another thing to consider is do you think UvA will help you achieve your goals? Is there something certain you're hoping to achieve that can be catered to by UvA? If I were to give my opinion, although it holds no validity as I'm a complete stranger, if the only variable that'll change is the course and the uni environment (not the country, the city, the people, family and friends there or not there) UvA has a better reputation overall which helps in your future career. So if the only variable you may change is the course you're studying and you enjoy that field, why not go to a more reputable uni?

  33. That's a deeep reflection, maybe that's what I needed. I can handle any workload to be honest, the final goal is to be eligible for doing master's programs abroad, and some people say that it can be hard if u studied at HvA (HBO) and not at UvA (WO).

  34. Now it allowed me to change my trading permissions, but there's no cryptocurrency option anyway :)

  35. dont think you can do crypto in the EU on IB, yet atleast

  36. Pro tip. Register DigID. Get all that stuff in your MijnOverheid inbox. You can probably also check these bills online on the website when in doubt.

  37. Just downloaded the MijnOverheid app. Didn't know about it. Thanks!

  38. There’s not much you can do, the Gemeente does not give you ‘permission’ with a registration, it’s just so they know where you live. The guy you’ve rented it from is at fault here. Hope you find something new soon.

  39. Should it work if I contact the agency explaining the situation and then make a contract to rent the same place with somebody else? (legally of course hahah)

  40. Wie rustig afwacht wordt beloon. Ps, here and now you're always winner.

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