1. Steal stuff from work. A pS5 will make you feel better . Then go to truck driving school so you can make 3 to 4 times what target pays

  2. Yes get a CDL and you make much much more than they will ever pay you

  3. My wife did the shadow day and never went back lol

  4. Yea they are going up I’ve seen as high as $70 on dkoldies are these worth getting I just have the jumper pack was looking to get one

  5. Still have my n64 works great and love playing it like I did back in the day. For me it’s not worth going to emulate it when I still have physical versions of everything.

  6. Love the video thanks for sharing

  7. The n64 is my favorite old school system and love the controller people can hate all they want don’t care.

  8. Just bought this game it’s fun didn’t play it much as a kid.

  9. My favorite n64 game ever! Had so much fun with multiplayer and different cheat code modes

  10. Took ours about a year maybe a little more to calm down a little and we have another puppy so me and my wife are going through it all over again. It’s worth it in the end.

  11. GOD BLESS YOU!! I qualified to adopt also! I'm SO excited for my meet n greet!! They told me mine would be between 2-5 years old.... How did you get puppy?

  12. We live in Massachusetts so we went to mspca and put an application in for a beagle and got called. Had to go back a few times we wanted a female to go along with our other beagle male. She was an hour and half ride away so we went and got her. I’m glad you are adopting one of these beagles they have been through a lot

  13. Thank you for rescuing her! We have a rescue beagle mix and he’s the best.

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