Those who are against cannabis, what's your reason?

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  1. Yeah this basically spoils that fact. Dunno why she would give an interview like this when the movie isn’t even out yet. Dumb as hell.

  2. Fuck it! Get that paycheck Jamie! You earned that shit!

  3. This has been discussed a lot over the years, and I tend to to lean towards saying yes, he would have gotten more votes and potentially won. That jury was looking for any reason to give someone other than Rob or Natalie the win. If he outright said "I could see that Rob was controlling the tribe, so I decided to play a character in order to ensure Rob brought me along to the end" then I think he wins.

  4. I don’t know man, if you are awful and make camp life miserable for everyone it’s hard to convince them to give you a million dollars.

  5. Not exactly against it, do what you want. It just really stinks when people smoke it. It’s also pretty cringey when it’s your whole personality.

  6. I think Elie was talking about if Gabler knows if it's for the first two TCs or his first two TCs. However with all this talk about this idol I would be shocked if Baka doesn't go to council

  7. And the fact that everyone keeps bringing it up makes me think they at least try to get him to make a blunder. But then again, that is super risky with only 5 people.

  8. “Let’s give this guy who has more money that we could possibly make in 200 lifetimes all of our money to pay his legal bills!”

  9. artificial scarcity to drive revenue; the idea that to be economically successful you have to fleece others as much as you can.

  10. Really surprised that China isn’t higher given the, you know, extermination camps.

  11. What's smart about it? How is someones debt in anyway relevant to you being in a relationship with that person? It's their debt , not yours.

  12. Still in a relationship, just not married. When you do get married you take financial responsibility for each other. I would be responsible for their debts.

  13. I’m somewhat in a similar situation. I am perfectly fine being in a lifelong commited relationship with my partner. However, they do have a lot of student loan debt. And they do have big issues keeping a job. Maybe it makes me a bad person, but I don’t want to take on that financial responsibility. We have love, but I think it’s totally ok to keep your financial lives separate.

  14. The building was built in 1989. From what I can tell, the station was a post office from at least 1914 (possibly before). I’m unsure how long it was a post office, but the building was flooded in the early 1920’s at some point and had to be mostly rebuilt. I’m interested to find out more history about it.

  15. The fact that Q exists and Q members are getting baptized in his name is genuinely creepy.

  16. 17. I would wait for someone I had more of a connection with tbh. We both kind of did it because we thought everyone else was.

  17. I think Cirie could’ve have won even with the twist as long as they were informed it would’ve been a F2. If they had just said after James was medevacced that they were going to need to do a F2, I think Cirie could’ve planned her endgame better

  18. What could she have done differently though? At the point that James left, Amanda idols out Alexis and after that everyone is afraid of an Erik immunity run. After that, she is stuck. She would have to somehow know that James was getting pulled and that Amanda was going to find an idol in order to make a move earlier than that. And with that said, she would have to rally Alexis and Natalie against Parv, which was never going to happen.

  19. Erik won immunity at the F5, so all Cirie would need to do at the F5 is not come up with the plan to convince Erik to give up his immunity, and instead team up with Erik and Natalie to vote off Amanda or Parvati (ideally Parvati, but Cirie might realize it needs to be Amanda to keep Natalie on board).

  20. That’s a really good point. It’s still super dependent on Erik taking her over Natalie to the F2 (assuming he wins the next two challenges).

  21. Gen 6 and Gen 8 are the best games, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

  22. This was a mail car on the train. After picking up the bag of mail at the station, the postal worker would sort the bag of mail into the boxes as the train was traveling.

  23. Within the US, overrated. Outside of the US, rated appropriately.

  24. Cait sith isn't a cat. He is a remote controlled doll

  25. That’s kind of just like what Colton said in BvW. “Nobody is playing the game!” Like, nope, they are playing the game. Just not with you.

  26. It’s practically a miracle that you get your mail every day with how understaffed and mismanaged the post office is.

  27. For me it’s either hair or the dog or spicy food. Also lots of water.

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