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  1. I have the same issue, its hard to be addressed. I think it comes from side sleeping..

  2. It's comforting that I'm not alone lol, I swear I've always had this tin-foil hat theory that my jaw looks like this because I used to side-sleep on my more pushed-in side while I was growing up and it just developed that way 😂

  3. (It is mainly the jaw sticking out more on the right side of my face that bothers me)

  4. Please post more about Hamlet! I need more of this cuddle bunny in my life!! <3

  5. Looks great! Tip swelling can take up to a year to reduce, give it some more time yet.

  6. Thank you so much, I'll keep waiting with my fingers crossed!

  7. I’m 9 months po and still dealing with a lot of tip swelling. Give it time the tip will get better. The symmetry could be due to uneven swelling.

  8. Thank you, that makes sense! I'm just hoping that the supra-tip area is actually swelling and not just shaped like that now... I guess waiting is the only way to find out!

  9. Hi, sadly I have not noticed much change, if any :(

  10. Sorry a bit off topic but I noticed you had an open procedure where they cut your septum. I’m about to have the same in a few months. How was your recovery? I’ll have a 9month old baby and I am curious if I’ll be able to take care of her. I’ll have full help for 2-3 days post op then my help will be limited. How soon did you feel like you could carry on with life fairly normal? Any info is helpful so I can plan! Your nose looks great :)

  11. Hi I am so sorry for not seeing this sooner! I hope your surgery and recovery went well!

  12. Thank you so much! I tried to do a more general reading using the Past-Present-Future layout of the cards. This was very very helpful! When I was trying to figure out how to interpret this, I thought it may be saying that a past relationship was harmonious, but presently things are getting messed up and if I continue on this path I'll be unhappy. But I was also questioning that the cards might be saying the exact opposite, since the reversing of the cards was confusing me. Your ideas are incredibly helpful and cleared up a lot for me! Thank you so much. This was my first attempt at reading. I'll keep on practicing! :)

  13. I’m saving these images as inspiration for my bunny’s room! Your bunbuns are very lucky! 🍀

  14. I'm a little worried about that ear position, I've never seen a bunny do that, especially a wild one

  15. Looks like they were letting you go regardless, gotta love a nice legion

  16. Ikr! I was on the hook and they let my teammate unhook me. Then they killed my teammate and let me go lol!

  17. They call me ace because luck is on my side >:) haha

  18. Hello! I’d love if someone could help me out with this same issue! My bunny has been properly litter trained and spayed for the past year and she has been living between my moms and dads house. Never ever peed anywhere but her liter box. I moved her into my dorm for the semester and 3 out of the 7 nights I have been here, she has been peeing on me in my sleep (on my blanket) between 1-4 AM. I dont know what to do since she is free range... should i keep her in a play pen/caged environment at night? I have been washing this blanket and spraying it with vinegar three times this past week:(

  19. Hey!! I’m in the exact same situation as you— I moved Precious into my dorm room, and after a week he decides to pee on me! It was a one-time-thing so far, but I’ll keep you updated on the situation and if I find anything that works.

  20. Hi, my bunny is about 2 years old, neutered, free roam, and has been practically flawless with his litter training habits for the past months. That is, until this morning, when he jumped onto my arm while I slept to pee all over me and the bed! He is now sleeping flopped in the spot where his pee is, and he is occasionally clicking his teeth. He has never done anything like this before... why did he do this, and how can I prevent it from happening again?

  21. Oh, interesting! Thank you. If he gets a bun wife, will he pee on her too?

  22. This absolutely made my day. THANK YOU <3

  23. Hello! This is me♥️ thank you so much for the comment about it. It makes me really happy as I’ve been really insecure about my Plague because a lot of people bullied me when I cosplayed her. I have some really cool photos of myself last time I did her in a collapsed building that I’ve been considering uploading here but I’m a little nervous since last time.

  24. Hi!! I just wanted to say that even after looking at this photo for a while, my brain just cannot comprehend the fact that it is a cosplay and not an actual image from the game! You absolutely rocked this cosplay!

  25. Audreykat#5520 !! Would be glad to take hits for you too haha

  26. Hey!! I got the game this summer and would be happy to play with you— feel free to pm me! :)

  27. Hey, I started playing this summer on PC and the lowest rank I’ve gotten to so far was 5. I’m a girl and am looking for other girls to form a SWF and/or KYF group for fun and casual matches! Please pm me if you’d like to join :)

  28. I LOVE THEM!!! They match your hair! You remind me of the little mermaid! (My favorite Disney princess— I mean this as a massive compliment!!)

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