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  1. Her Emmy nom for White Lotus will always be confusing. Her character did a whole bunch of nothing.

  2. For asking him to cover his pubes and genitals, NTA. He could get arrested for that, too.

  3. Their dynamic is so weird. He seems so fucking into her. She also seems really into her. So I guess they have that in common.

  4. Louis from Suits. Dude would get clowned by everyone when he did something mildly disagreeable but Harvey would be fellated for "doing whatever it takes to win"

  5. I couldn’t get past the first few episodes of the show because Harvey was so unlikable.

  6. Wow, did you really have to ask if you are TA? You clearly are. Did you ever think your daughter could benefit from a sibling or that you could teach her a lesson in compassion and caring that goes far beyond her going to her dream school? I know it could disrupt your scripted life but you have no idea what this child could bring to your family and what you could give to him. Love multiplies, it is not limited.

  7. Ikr, and there’s no reason why their daughter can’t work her way through college to be able to afford it. Tons of young adults do it. Maybe it’ll prevent her from growing up selfish and possibly entitled like her parents.

  8. Neither! I think the other subreddit specifically created for this should work fine💕

  9. Christina Applegate and Jennifer Aniston seemed to get along perfectly fine on the set of Friends. To be fair, Brad was a creep who dated Christina when they were 25 and 17 respectively, and she’s the one who ditched him. But it still counts.

  10. He sounds really old-fashioned and stuck in his archaic beliefs. You can do so, so much better! Most mature, grounded men understand that you can sleep with as many people as they like, what matters is that you take care of yourself inside and out.

  11. I love this! Goes to show you can pull off any look as long as you implement the necessary accommodations for your type

  12. In Martha Marcy May Marlene, Julia Garner caught my eye in every scene she was in. She’s not big yet but she’s getting there.

  13. Elizabeth Olsen too. I really thought she’d have some Oscar nominations by now, if she did more work outside of Marvel

  14. No but seriously i love it when women are so tall and lean into it (as much as I suppose stylists let them). Her and Gwendolyn Christie?? When they put Christie in THIGH HIGH HEELED BOOTS in sandman??? (Highly recommend looking up the photos)

  15. Nick Kroll idk how to explain it he is just so hot to me

  16. Love this!!! I’m glad you included Kate Hudson because her red carpet outfits are always flawlessly tailored.

  17. That haircut is everywhere and I don't know why. It looks fucking stupid.

  18. There was a time not too long ago when celebs mostly didn’t have full time stylists and most looked like the theater kids at heart that they are with their red carpet choices. Sounds a lot more fun and less exhausting.

  19. THIS. Everyone just pulls runway looks now, there’s no individuality of imagination there.

  20. I kind of feel her “basic” styling is intentional. Take just this year for example, she’s had 3-4 releases. Imagine being in the press for all of them and creating headlines. If she chose experimental fashion, it will get reported on more, it will create a lot of buzz. I think she’s trying to avoid over exposure.

  21. I always felt like she was making a subtle statement with her forgettable style, that she should be valued for her work and not her appearance.

  22. I was kinda considering trying to hook up with him when he comes to my country next month but I guess that’s not happening lol

  23. Probably not, but it would be helped by the fact that the two of them got together in the most tasteful way possible and clearly missed him a lot. Besides, Jack would know that he, not Miguel, would always be the greatest love of Rebecca’s life.

  24. YTA and not an ounce of responsibility in your entire post. Everything here is deflection. It’s because of your ADHD, her pregnancy, her leaving the bed, the dog, the weather. Train the dog. If you’re aware that you have ADHD and aren’t doing anything about it, that needs to change. You have a child on the way. You’re gonna need some focus.

  25. And people wonder why women are always angry. It’s because we have to put up with shit like this.

  26. Yeah I feel so bad. She deserves better and he belongs with someone as chaotic as him

  27. Lmaooo I’m even more upset about his outfit. Male singers can wear the most half-assed ensembles at their concerts and no one seems to care.

  28. Leonardo DiCaprio in particular. Imagine what the accomplished actresses in his age range are put through to maintain their appearance, and he doesn’t even seem to try

  29. I suspect it's also a backlash against all the "when are you going to have kids?" and "oh, you'll change your mind" BS.

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