1. christi was just as bad of a stage mom obsessed with her child winning as melissa, she just hid it better

  2. not released for incoming freshmen yet, you find out on the day of move-in

  3. if it makes you feel any better i had a “no mark” for my spring semester of ap calc ab because i was gonna fail the class and so i just dropped it instead😭😭i think it helps that this was during covid though, and i explained it on my application

  4. come like 30 minutes before your timeslot so you can see which courses become full and you can decide a new plan

  5. I start waiting about 2 hours in advance. The preshow is pretty hilarious sometimes.

  6. genuine question, where does the stereotype that cs kids are stinky come from?

  7. Regardless of the stereotype, take one deep breath in Haas then one deep breath in Soda Hall and tell me if they smell the same.

  8. under my calcentral -> my academics -> academic records -> exam results they might still be coming out, I got mine last night but my friend in coe didn't get it until this morning

  9. wasn’t the incident where kira got really mad in the dressing room and stormed out and told abby to go to hell rumored to have been because abby made a cruel remark about kalani’s body, and not just because abby “turned her away”?

  10. How the style could be dramatic and classic but recomend for gamine ?

  11. in my mind it’s flamboyant gamine lines and silhouettes with some of the details taking inspiration from stereotypical dramatic classic looks

  12. I would add Janelle Monae as major inspiration!

  13. ooh definitely! though i’ve heard some people say she’s sg before

  14. mt. holyoke! it’s in seven sisters, the five college consortium, a t30 LAC, and has the most gorgeous college campus (imo)

  15. my dark vanessa but tbh i suspect all too well ten minute version and illicit affairs might already be loosely inspired by it :(((

  16. Omg I know exactly what you’re saying—everyone says “bust size doesn’t matter” but a large bust completely changes the way clothes fit in my experience. Very confusing

  17. i stg someone on here said a large bust could be considered width for a natural some time ago😭

  18. Worst nightmare as a person with a large bust and small frame is wearing natural recommendations. I swear it adds 20 pounds to me lol

  19. maybe soft natural is better since it recommends waist emphasis? idk this is all very confusing😭😭

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