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  1. It’s a glorious coiled cable got it on Amazon . But the usb-c was too thick to fit into the slot on my keyboard so had to shave it down and then put my own black shrink wrap on it . Works like a charm now

  2. ah i see it now. this is the 39 inch version right? im thinking of getting one for second set up

  3. I’ve been told to ALWAYS get the names of the people who come through the drive-thru. Like, not only is that forced as hell, but also just weird … “Hi what’s your name?” 😐

  4. I guarantee it comes out tomorrow once ligue 1 tot’s is out of packs

  5. I’m sure they will “fix” the error on Friday when Ligue 1 is out of packs.

  6. I like using the foam practise balls because you can still get an idea of ball flight

  7. Break 90 and go a full round on a full length course with the same ball. Also want to get better on approach shots specifically

  8. I only use 6. Probably going to pull the trigger on some Costco wedges though which will bring me to 7.

  9. Lmao I can’t with all these meta rats in the comments

  10. Thanks, light bar is govee glide from amazon, really worth it!

  11. Would also like to know as I am looking into something similar

  12. I would say on the desk personally especially if your pc had a transparent panel so you can see the inside which is half the reason mine is on top.

  13. I could. I just have it mounted to the desk currently so I don’t have to drill into the wall. Once I get a pc with a window panel I will 100% put it on my desk

  14. It feels weird that it's almost been 4 weeks already. The fact that it's the rest of my life is slowly arriving in my mind. I'm still figuring out the best way to handle my bolus insulin, but the numbers have been steadily improving and it's been less of a rollercoaster.

  15. Don’t even worry. It may be for the rest of your life, but it becomes so second nature that you really won’t even realize

  16. Are those just the hyperx pudding keycaps?

  17. Anyone think it would be possible to shave the housing down ?

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