TIL that Casey Kasem, the original voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo, was a vegan and critic of factory farming. Kasem quit the show in 1995 when he was asked to voice Shaggy for a Burger King commercial. He would not agree to return until 2002 when producers agreed to have Shaggy become a vegetarian.

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  1. Yes! I eloped in Vegas and had a 6 month old haha she was at the ceremony and then our parents were with us so they watched her otherwise.

  2. Sounds like a dream wedding, I've always wanted to photograph an elopement there! I'd say that doing separate purchases is going to allow you to have the exact vendors you're looking for especially since you don't need the full production but just some a la carte items.

  3. Would love to chat with you! I photograph anywhere in the state and can help with locations for December!

  4. Got the rate opportunity to photograph a couple during their Elopement in Greece. They chose to elope on her family's home island of Crete and then got to island hop to Santorini etc. Highly recommend making your elopement an adventure with your photographer!

  5. Typically Feb. is going to be the coolest/rainier month of the year. You'll likely encounter less tourists but cooler weather (50-60 degrees F on average daily) it's still absolutely worth visiting with less tourists but you just won't wanna plan on any beach days.

  6. I live in France and Colorado so am in Iceland frequently as it's my favorite layover spot!

  7. As a photographer it's definitely not expected but always absolutely appreciated. Sometimes it's monetary and sometimes couples have brought special gifts of wine/coffee and things from their hometowns or Europe since they know I love it there.

  8. If you are the person in this picture then WoW!! You are so beautiful!

  9. Did you use a planner in Paris to help arrange? And if so who was it and do you recommend?

  10. I'm so sorry that I missed your message until now! For elopements I do have vendors I help work with including officiants/florals etc. and I can help you with locations or hotels etc. If you still need a planner in addition I do have those as well, my vendor lists are available exclusive for my wedding clients.

  11. I've had couples do a house party vibe, everyone showed to light apps and drinks then the couple popped out in their wedding clothes to everyone cheering and popping champagne it was so great. Then you can decide if you want to do traditional like first dances/activities or if you just want to have dancing and mingling be the biggest part. At the end of the day everyone wants to celebrate you two any way they can. ♥️

  12. Yes what the others said, I'd definitely refer to your photographer sometimes they can help in finding vendor resources from other photographers.

  13. It will be busier in the evening for sure but you'll want to do 1-2 hours before sunset time for that beautiful golden light.

  14. I've had couples do either full on reception with DJ and dances with a mini ceremony or I've also seen a tented backyard simple setup with a band or ipod with food/drinks and more of a house party atmosphere.

  15. I'm just surprised he's not known as the voice of the Top 40. Like, I hear Casey Kasem and it's all I can think of. For me, it's TIL Casey Kasem voiced shaggy

  16. Saaame! Hahaha I can't hear the name Casey Kasem without thinking of that.

  17. I found you a couple weeks ago as I'm venturing into home developing and medium format. Would love to take the leap to large format for my wedding work but agree it's tough enough to find the time. Goooorgeous work!!

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