1. Glass is a poor heat conductor in comparison to aluminum so you may want to par-bake the crust for a little less and keep an eye on the pie about 15-20 minutes early. You'll have to go by your baking instinct and visuals. You might not even have to take it out much earlier at all.

  2. Thanks so much for the detailed reply! It's very helpful.

  3. Oh gosh, that does sound intimidating. Knowing there'd be professionals would probably keep me up for days thinking of how to up my pie game and in turn make me mess it up at some point lol. No leftovers is always a good sign! Honestly, some of the best bakes I've tasted weren't the prettiest, most decorated ponies at the show anyway. They were just tried and true. There's something to be said about simplicity. And food made with great care. It's a nice thing you're doing for a friend going through stressful times and I think that notion will be appreciated by itself, though I'm sure the pie will also be delicious!

  4. That is definitely a huge part of it; maybe the main cause. But the increased censoriousness in US culture is also a part of it. When young people habitually use phrases like 'problematic' it's not an ideal climate for comedy.

  5. You can have comedy without offensive stuff. Tons of people who'd be labeled "woke" have a sense of humour and have the ability to even make fun of themselves. Yes you can't have a joke be straight up racist and that's the punchline anymore (why would you want that anyway?), but you can still make jokes with that and they do.

  6. Typically, no. If you're improvising anyway, you may as well just make a basic cake. The buttercream's gonna be the star of the show anyway.

  7. What you might be tasting is malted milk powder. There are several recipes out there that include it. We can't get it where I live so if you also can't get the plain stuff, you might be able to find plain, unsweetened Ovaltine or Horlicks.

  8. Sorry, I really want to love and support a horror doing something inventive but that's only one ingredient to a successful movie.

  9. Watched this a few days ago and wanted to let it sink in before forming any harsh opinions on it. I can now understand why some people loved it even though I didn't.

  10. God, watching this movie with ADHD was difficult. I’m normally fine with long movies too, or ones a lot of other people find slow, but this one really tested me. I understand how it was effective for some people, but any of the creepy stuff kind of lost it’s effect on me because I was too bored to be creeped out.

  11. Same exact feelings! It became a legit chore for me. I can appreciate it as its own thing but I will never watch it again.

  12. What you're describing here is what most mistakenly refer to as juxtaposition. I'm gonna link a previous reply about 'juxtaposition' and the misconception of what it means for gamines. It's supposed to mean "combination of opposites." FG is yang in frame but yin in size. The phrase 'combination of opposites' is not in reference to proportions. I think it's in part another way of separating classics and gamines because they are both technically mixes and people can easily confuse them. However, I would be lying if I said I'm a proportionate person and I do think this is more visible in gamines, especially FG, because of how we're built.

  13. ... I legit thought that it was someone using this man's face and copy-pasting it on their body at first.

  14. He's actually over 35! And STILL PERFECT SKIN

  15. Haha I consider 36 still pretty young so I'm not surprised! Honestly, the rockstar/touring lifestyle can be pretty taxing on the body and mind, and thus appearance more than anything, but he looks more or less his age from what I've seen. Still bizarre to see these, though. I guess it goes to show that even those you'd least expect aren't safe from beauty standards or insecurity in their looks. He really does look better in normal photos imo.

  16. Dramatic. And not just 'cause he's skinny. He's not moderate or petite and has too much yang for any of the soft IDs. I see pure vertical, personally. His features lean sharp as well. I think at that height and being a guy, he could easily work with FN styles as well.

  17. I think he looks great! But I don't really like how he treats Megan like an accessory

  18. Megan has said that (paraphrasing) he was the one between them that's super serious about his outfits and that she was more likely to dress to compliment him rather than the other way around. So I guess they dress as a couple sometimes and she goes along with whatever. It seems like he might also be the "high maintenance" one these days.

  19. Dude it’s so fucked when someone posts and the comments are literally just “OMG body goals you must be SD!!!” but then you scroll down to another typing post and the comments are like “I see width, FN”

  20. Drives me nuts. Usually it's just shoulders that they type off of for width, too. You can really see the divide in how they treat people. I'm sure they're not all the same users, but still. The lack of objectivity is concerning even if it's in good faith -- most people who aren't body checking aren't looking for rankings/specific opinions or could be triggered by them and just want their ID.

  21. Honestly I feel like every women centered community devolves into this. It sucks that we can't have any discussion without hostility

  22. If nobody knew he was responsible for a styling system, they wouldn't be asking David for fashion advice lol

  23. That's fine. If you're a serious baker, you'd probably want them separate. The difference in performance is highly minimal with unbleached, but can slightly affect texture in things like cookies or finicky goods. Or naturally leavened dough like another user commented. People usually use it as a slightly healthier alternative to bleached or for its denser texture. It's technically more nutritive and untouched by bleaching agents. People say it has a nuttier, less... plain taste. My palate isn't refined enough to know the difference in most final goods.

  24. I went to see Barbarian without knowing anything about it opening weekend and it was the best theatre going experience I had all year. The entire audience were all screaming and laughing at all the same parts. It really made me remember how different it is to see a good flick on the big screen!

  25. The title had me convinced it would be mediocre at best. Like another run of the mill Blumhouse-esque release. I'm sure there are people who think that's still the case but I really enjoyed it. The

  26. I would guess SN or SC. What were your results? I don't see strong width, but that is sometimes the case with naturals when it's the most fitting ID otherwise (Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, etc). In SN's case, I find they can be characterized by a softly angular frame and lack of overall balance for SC, and/or clear soft yang bone structure. Width can also be mainly in the upper back which we can't see here.

  27. I've always thought SG. Even during X when she was (maybe still is) too young to type.

  28. I was wondering when Dini's recipes would pop up. Mind you, she does tend to get a bit long winded at times, though it's more along the lines of helpful advice.

  29. Late but Carlsbadcravings is also like this. Very longwinded but only because she considers essentially every possible hiccup, substitution, or question a reader might ask about a certain dish.

  30. Jfc. I read they omitted the poppy seeds for a poppyseed cake and figured at least that wouldn't impact how it bakes up, but then they pulled the ol' "350 would have made a dark crispy cake" expertise while having the gall to ask what went wrong.

  31. No, that defeats the point of Kibbe. Tall dramatics may need to accommodate more literal vertical, so they may need to look for pants with a 36" inseam for example but that's mostly it. If you're looking at it from another style perspective or system, then maybe. But not for Kibbe where you are dressing for a long vertical line and sharpness that you naturally have, so it will all come together when your clothing supports or imitates that and fits your body.

  32. isnt joan crawford, aka the prime celeb example for d's, 5'3?

  33. Yep, someone else already commented with her! She was thought to be around 5'3-5'4.

  34. Watching Drive for the first time made me realize I should probably consider therapy again given I found Ryan's character attractive. And that that was the first time I had ever found him attractive. I had friends growing up who fawned over him but I never got it. There were parts that seemed so, idk, tender... and then he bashed that man's head in.

  35. ... Girlie really had a whole opportunity served up on a platter to clear the air and make things right, even if it meant lying for good PR, and she didn't take it.

  36. This will kind of depend on where you live.

  37. Hmm... I've not run into that problem. I would suggest maybe buying a jar from another brand, or buying from a store that will refund you if it's faulty. It sounds like you might not have expired/dead yeast, but old yeast which means it takes longer to get the same job done. You'll notice it doesn't bloom as fast and is kind of sad looking even when it does.

  38. Yin and yang correlate to different traits, but with the removal of pure N and people being unique, the most stressed difference is vertical (straight lines) vs. curve (round lines). Curve can also be literal in that it

  39. Its similar to why Tyler hung himself - seems like they all accepted their fate and to some extent felt they deserved the outcome.

  40. After reading this comment and the replies to it, I've realized how subjective interpretations can be.

  41. The part that gets me is nobody tries to piggyback on Margot’s strategy after watching her pull it off. No one else sends their food back, nobody else asks for a burger, nobody else asks for a to-go container. I think we’re supposed to think that they’ve given up once the fake cop bit is revealed. They know they are doomed and so just sort of go with it. Also, they are from such a pampered class, they are nearly helpless without the assistance of the servers anyway. They are used to sitting back and letting things be done for them. ‘You pay for the experience’ indeed.

  42. I agree - I fully expected several people to try the same thing lol but I guess it'd be unfitting for the final course to take place in the way it did from a movie-making perspective (which in a way is like the Chef putting together a dinner). I believe the reason they didn't try it is because they all finally "got it" as to why they were there and what they represented. There is obviously importance in ordering a normal meal, but also in asking for it to go. Could be looking too into it but I saw it as her being just a "regular" customer. One that he had probably seen many times when he was young and grilling burgers at his old job. She loved the burger (unlike his other food) and wanted to take it with her so she could enjoy it later, even if we all know burgers are at their best when fresh. She isn't interested in preserving the experience of the Chef's intention in either leaving the food, or eating it all while there. The types of rich folk who dine at Hawthorne presumably never asked for things 'to go.' It surprised me that that kitchen even had boxes for that and "American cheese" tbh, but it's just a movie so it's whatever.

  43. It seems like most people enjoyed this one, which is in a way nice to see because everyone is always SO mad or exhausted with remakes. I can understand it in many cases, but like you, I thought it was a solid, entertaining movie overall. Not everyone's cup of tea ofc but that's to be expected with any movie. Surprisingly, my friend who adores the original series praised the 2013 one which I feel like might also say something (even if only anecdotal lol).

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